Motu UltraLite-mk5

Where did you even find one in stock at?!?!

Thanks for the kind comments about the podcast, much appreciated.

Ah OK, that makes sense now.

I’m struggling to get Roon to push/output USB signal to all Motu outputs?
Or at least see signal on the mix faders.
I can only get channel 1 and 2 on the faders?
Monitoring with headphones while working out how to get this working.

I have setup a test procedural EQ for lows, mids, highs.

Procedural is working as the PEQ changes ch1-2.

I’m sampling all signals to 192k.

Setup channel mapping to 7.1, and channel mapping.
Any ideas?

Motu I have
mix 1-2 - PC USB 1-2
mix 3-4 - PC USB 3-4
etc etc


Ok, I have managed to work it out using the Mix function…
Monitoring the Motu outputs, the crossovers are in place.

Hi Mani, can I please ask what are the specs of your PC?

So far I have tried the Motu on two older PC’s (5 year old i7 laptop, series 4NUC), and a modern i7 HP Elite. (All with Direct USB connections to the DAC, All PC’s run Win10)

Resampling Roon outputs @ 96 or 192k I have processing headroom spare (Roon).
But I am getting small clicks and pops. This is especially noticeable when loading other applications, moving the mouse etc. Seems the PC is struggling.

I have tried the Motu connected to more powerful PC/Roon server i9 (Win10) modern CPU, and I don’t seem to have this issue. As such I’m curious what PC you are using.

I have used procedural PEQ to create a 3way, and mix to route USB channels.

All my PC’s exceed Motu requirements. Although no CPU series is provided.
Windows System Requirements
Intel Core i3 PC (or AMD equivalent)
4 GB RAM; 8 GB or more recommended
Windows 10
Available USB port
A large hard drive (at least 500 GB for recording)

Seems I am figuring out my own issues. lol.
Good for those that are looking to do similar.

I experimented with different USB ports on my old NUC series 4, i5.
I used the front USB 3 port, and everything is perfect via the monitoring headphones, on all output channels.

Seems weird that different USB ports perform differently.

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After some testing, I can confirm the Motu mk5 lite functions amazingly well connected to a Ubuntu RPI4 bridge endpoint.

I used: ubuntu-21.04-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img

With my 3 way crossover running, the DAC changes sample rates inline with source content perfectly. No clicks or pops, no need to fix the sample rate. This observation is consistent with either Windows 10/Roon server or Roon Rock feeding the Ubuntu RPI4 endpoint.

  • Just a quick update, I installed Roon Rock, on my NUC series 4 i5, and tested a direct USB to MOTU connection. I get sync on the DAC, but no audio comes out (Crossover and USB mix routing was identical to the working Win10 Roon server preset). This points to a Kernel compatibility/Functionality issue in Roon Rock.

Anyway, as previously highlighted using my Ubuntu RPI4 as a Roon endpoint, everthing just works.
Tested with 8 active outputs, routed from the Roon mix function.


Excellent! Congratulations!

I didn’t check this out before myself as I go via CamillaDSP as I mentioned earlier - but yes, the kernel driver for the UL5 does indeed appears to tell it to change to the right sample rate streaming directly from Roon to the UL5. Awesome! I’ll have a look at changing my approach to the way CamillaDSP handles the sample rate and see if I can leverage this in my setup too

Are you getting the noise on unused channel - 9 and 10 in your case? If so, would you add a comment to the bug report I submitted to see if we can get Roon to sort a fix? If not, I’d like to see if we can work out what might be different between our two setups so the issue can be isolated and resolved. Thanks

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Yes I have noise, on unmuted channels 9-10… Its seems Roon is feeding this channel noise.

Even if I use Roon’s mix to “show all” channels and route left and right to Motu outputs 9 and 10, noise is still present, and then nothing plays at all.

I was considering installing Ubuntu server on my current Nuc, in lieu of Roon Rock. This would enable me to test direct USB out from the PC (Running ubuntu server/Roon server) direct to the Motu.
I suspect this would provide the auto sampling change functionality I see with my RPI4/ubuntu.

I wonder if this may also help with the channel 9-10 noise observation.

From a quick google, I suspect Roon Rock is running a highly patched older Kernel.

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That would be considerable work to swap OS but I think you’re right that with the newer kernel that includes the MOTU drivers you’d be able to stream to the UL5 directly, with sample changing, but also with noise! I think we both suspect that its Roon’s inability to address more than 8 channels that is at the heart of the noise problem.

I’m sure that’s right. From Roon’s perspective there’s little benefit in upgrading the kernel since it works as it is with Roon Bridge and the many endpoint devices where manufacturers have already achieved compatibility with the existing Roon Core. Changing the kernel would likely involve significant retesting of very many devices. So whilst upgrading would incorporate newer drivers for greater compatibility for direct device connection, they advise against that route in preference for a separate end point, probably for this very reason.

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Its pretty straight forward to load Ubuntu Server, and reload a Roon backup.
I’ll probably try it. But maybe once I have my new Gen11 NUC.

Looking forward to see if Roon have more insight with two users providing feedback.

I need a slightly longer USB cable. Has anyone had any issues with a generic Amazon USB A > C or C > C cable?

No experience with the Amazon. But I was looking at the Alogic cables:

Hi Stephen, I’m not sure if this is still relevant, but I’m using quite a powerful PC… configured in a very stripped down way… just as a Roon Bridge. Zero issues with clicks/pops or noise on any unused channels. Let me know if you’d like to know more about the PC, and I’d happily oblige.


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Does anyone get a strange bird chirping type noise during playback? I’m direct from NUC i7 (Core) to the ULMK5. I have the .wav file of it but can’t upload here.

Which setting within Roon direct to Core do you guys use? ASIO?