Mouse pointer turns into a little black dot

Dear Roon @support and Roon community,

I hope no one’s answered this before, if so: sorry. Anyway, my problem is that the cursor pointer turns from a normal white arrow into a tiny black dot when I hover or move over anything “clickable” in Roon. This doesn’t effect any other application (so far as I can see) and, even in Roon, the cursor is normal when I am moving over any un-clickable portion of the GUI. But, as soon as I sweep over anything clickable (which is most of it!), the cursor immediately turns into a little black dot that’s hard to see over any colored background and impossible to see on any dark or black items.

Functionality is NOT impaired: I can still click on anything and all the functions/links work exactly as they should–it’s just that it’s often difficult to even see just what it is that I’m clicking.

Any help in resolving this (permanently) would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Relevant system facts:

  • I am running the 64-bit Windows Roon v1.5 (build 334) and my Core machine is a desktop with:
    • An Intel i7-4770S with 16GB of RAM;
    • a 250GB system SSD and my music is stored on an on-board 1TB SSD w/ approx. 200k tracks;
    • I’m running 64-bit Windows 10
    • (and I’m streaming primarily to an ultraRendu, though I doubt that’s relevant to my particular problem).
  • I’ve been using Roon for a little over a year and this problem is relatively recent. I’m sorry, I cannot pinpoint exactly when it started, but it’s been several months; I hoped it would go away when I upgraded to the latest builds, but the problem persists (that is, it’s been through at lease one update cycle and it’s still with me).
  • The problem is intermittent–I’d say it happens about 50% of the time; sometimes a re-start makes it go away, sometimes not, however.


What graphics card / chip set does your PC have?

I’d check that graphics card driver is update, use the chip set manufacturer’s website rather than Windows.

Thanks Carl. I’m using the i7’s on-board graphics, which uses the Iris Intel HD 4600 (I run in 4k). I re-checked and all of the drivers are up-to-date, I don’t think it’s that. But thanks for the suggestion.

I bet if you look at the black dot closely, it really is a super small cursor arrow.

I understand you checked to make sure your graphics drivers are the latest. But, it could possibly still be the graphics drivers.

For me, Windows updated the graphics drivers during an update and it reported to be the latest version. I fixed by cursor issue by downloading the drivers directly from Intel and even though they were “the same version” it corrected the issue for me.

see the thread here;

Intel download page here;

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Thanks. I went to the Intel link and got the Iris drivers but they matched the drivers I already had installed (I was prompted if I wanted to replace over the same drivers and I said “no”). (There were newer Braswell drivers, but I don’t think that matches what’s on my machine.) Anyway, I would like this to be it, but I don’t think it is. Maybe I’m missing something… Thanks for the help.

Try saying Yes to replacing over the same drivers. Every month or so on average a cosmic ray will flip a bit on your computer.

Hello @Solomon_Major,

I just wanted to check in with you here and see if you have had a chance to reinstall the drivers as that seems to be the most likely culprit here. Please let us know how it’s going after doing so and we can take a closer look if things still seem to be off after the driver reinstall. Also just want to confirm, is this behavior localized just to Roon or have you seen this same behavior in other applications as well? Please let us know when possible.


Thanks for checking in Noris. Well, I ended up having to roll-back to earlier drivers but I went ahead and did it. Currently, the pointer is working great (after a computer Roon reboot). But, as I said, the issue was intermittent… so this issue might be “fixed,” or it might not. But, as I said it looks good and, fingers crossed, it’ll stay that way. If the problem comes back, I’ll re-post here.

Thanks for the support.