Move multiple selected items in queue or playlist request

Follow up on this topic:

Make it possible to move multiple selected items in playlist or queue view.

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I’m surprised that does not work already…but I didn’t find an easy way to do this on macOS. I’ve run into a few cases where this would be helpful, so +1 for me. :slight_smile:

Same. Trying to organize playlists and want to move multiple tracks to the top of the list and seems impossible.

Bumping this. I love cultivating a queue of music to match my current mood. With Roon this is pretty much impossible.

Something which happens often is that I have a queue of several albums but the current track that’s playing has reminded me of an album I want to hear after the currently playing album finishes. Currently I have to choose one of these options, all of which are pretty rubbish:
A) Play it next & just live with the fact that it interrupts the current album, then listen to the rest of the first album after the second album finishes. I absolutely do not want to do this.
B) Add it as next up and then hurriedly change the order of an album’s worth of tracks. If I time it badly I end up starting the first track of the next album too soon and then it’s just an absolute kerfuffle which really ruins the listening experience.
C) Add it to the end of queue and then painstakingly drag and drop each individual track. When there are several albums in the queue this is particularly tedious.

C’mon, Roon! There’s already a way to select multiple items in the queue, let us move them all at once please? With the recent mention that you’ll be focusing on music experience I really hope this can be considered.

I’m running roon client on macOS, ipad and iOS and as far as I can tell there’s not a way to move the order of multiple tracks at once on any of them :sob: