Moved Library - Massive Clean up Not working?

Not totally sure if this fits here, but I recently changed my folder organization and the files I would like to include in Roon.

Now I am faced with a massive library clean-up that is not moving at all. I have hit “clean up library” a few times, but the number never decreases.


Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.26.52 AM

Did you choose what to clean up?


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I did. I have done this in the past, but this is just running and running. Also, if you click off, it doesn’t clean in the background. Which is annoying.

I almost feel at this point I should just start over from scratch.

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.15.45 AM

I don’t have experience in cleaning up such a high number of files - thus IDK how long it might take to finish. How long did you wait? Maybe let it run over night? Also a good test might be to just clean up the 10 deleted files. This should go quickly if all is fine with your setup. If that finishes, I would expect the other category of files will clean up too - just needs enough time.

what is odd is that it doesn’t even complete the 10 deleted files…

tried overnight, but nada.

at a loss, but appreciate the help!

Then you should probably open a support request (don’t forget to fill out the template).