Moving a subfolder in Nucleus server

I moved a couple of albums which I had in subfolders under the “Storage” folder in my externally SSDS that is connected to my Nucleus (I did this through a networked computer by cut and paste).

The albums which I moved were previously recognized and cataloged by roon, but are no longer visible. (they are still under the “Storage” folder, but in different subfolder location)

shouldn’t all music under “Storage” be visible? how do I fix this?

thank you!

Try rebooting the server.

Thank you @Rugby

What’s the appropriate way to reboot it safely?

Thru the Web GUI Power button?

See this doc.

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thanks @xxx - reboot works

however @Rugby this hasn’t solved the problem

the albums in the subfolders that I have moved to another subfolder under the Storage one are still not visible - any suggestions?

Maybe go to Settings->Library and select Clean Up Library. Any Clean Up … options with files mentioned? Do a cleanup and then re-scan of the storage location you moved the file to.

ok I figured it out… basically need to add new folder names in Settings --> Storage any time you change a folder name or add one that isn’t point to over there (even on same storage media, in this case same external SSD)

this is something roon should probably improve as a feature in future, but for now it’s enough to know to manage around

thanks everyone!

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Sorry, the way described the issue it sounded like you had everything under the same watched folder. I had originally written that unlike internal drives, external drives are not watched completely. If you make a new base folder it will need to be added under storage

And this is how it should be. I would not want the entirety of the external drive automatically watched. Otherwise, you could not use it as a database backup location.

@Rugby thanks!

but I disagree.

we are talking about the folders under “Storage” folder. it would be super easy, and helpful, to monitor all content there for music. And if I wanted to use any other storage for other purposes, I could do that outside of that “Storage” folder.

Further, it actually makes no sense to have any distinction between an internal and external hard drive here. It is the same system, same interface, same hierarchy. It is an unnecessarily confusing distinction. I, for ones, wanted to avoid an internal hard drive so I can easily upgrade it in the future as needed. No need to create an artificially less user friendly outcome as the tech involved is identical, and all on your own server.

I would recommend that you change this

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