Moving core to Nucleus

I’m running Roon Core on my imac and my subscription is current and working. I just bought a used Nucleus, plugged it into my network, I can see it in Roon. When I disconnect from Core on the Imac and try to connect to the Nucleus it asks me for my email and password for my Roon account; I provide it and then it asks me if I want to become a member and pay for a subscription?

I believe the previous owner of the Nucleus did not wipe his info of it (he told me he forgot to after he’d shipped it).

How can I activate the Nucleus with my Core - I cant pay for a second subscription and it looks like I can’t access the Nucleus because it may be still registered as the other owners?

I think it also says something about de-authorizing your existing core, which it what you want to do. The process will then move the authorization as you cant concurrently run two cores with one subscription.

If you visit the Nucleus web admin page (type its ip address in your browsers address bar) you will se the option of resetting the database, which will mean a factory reset.

Hi Andrew,

This Nucleus Migration Guide might help too.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks! Got it going!

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