Moving files from NAS to Nucleus+ SSD and USB SSD created chaos in my library

Description Of Issue

I’m using a Nucleus+ with the latest Roon update. I’ve been storing my files on a NAS drive, and I also subscribe to Qobuz and Tidal. I took my NAS drive off line, copied its files to a 4tb SSD internal drive in my Nucleus+, as well as to an external 2tb USB SSD drive, connected to the Nucleus+; and I restored a recent database backup.

But now very many files in my library are quite messed up: Many albums that had been grouped together as alternate versions are now separate albums, and many albums are broken into separate albums, each with only one or some of the tracks of the complete album.

Is there any way to correct this other than the very tedious process of once again going through all the albums and making the endless corrections individually?


No idea what happened. I just did this recently so try again. First step is to format the drive installed in Nucleus. I used the browser interface. Next have the new core watch only the new folder internal storage. Delete the others which may have been imported from your previous core. Now copy your files over. The system will do an analysis and label all your albums as new. I didn’t like that. Turn on your streaming subscriptions. If you have done this and are still messed up then time to ask Support.

Hi @Kenneth_Reinhard,

When you moved your files from the NAS to the Nucleus did you make any changes to the folder structure or was it copied exactly as-is from the NAS?

Was the NAS watched folder still active during this time in Roon?

Do you still have a backup from before the transfer?

Hi Dylan,

The files on my NAS were in individual folders by genre, and the whole thing in a folder names MUSIC; when I moved them to the SSD on my Nucleus+ and a USB SSD attached to the Nucleus+ (I needed to put them on two drives to accommodate the number of files) they were in the folders “InternalStorage” and “USB SSD MUSIC” respectively. Otherwise, the folders in the new drives are identical to the ones on the NAS.

No, the NAS folder was “disabled” while I was transferring the files to the new drives.

Yes, I still have backups from before the transfer.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Kenneth_Reinhard,

Let’s try this:

  1. Restore the backup
  2. Remove the NAS folder completely (not just disable)
  3. Add the two new folders
  4. Let Roon scan and identify the content

After this completes let us know if there is any change.

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