Moving from External SSD to a larger External SSD on NUC Rock

Could anyone point me to the fastest way to migrate to a larger SSD on an NUC Rock.

I am thinking along the lines of :-

Plug in new SSD via USB directly to NUC
Copy entire contents of existing SSD to larger SSD
Remove smaller SSD

Will the database need to know that the disk has changed if everything is the same regarding directory structures.

or :-

place both disks on a seperate machine and carry out a bit for bit duplication.

Which is likely to be less hassle?

I should have made this clear at the beginning. The NUC has no internal drive

Fit the new (music) ssd, Format it from the web admin page, copy your music files to it via smb.


Do you have a backup of the music on the SSD? If not you need to back that up first then you can do as mikeb suggests. If you haven’t been backing up that drive now is a good time to start (and continue to do so regularly).

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Yes, I do have a backup. I would be a bit nuts not to have right?!

Thank you, that’s a beautifully succinct set of instructions.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t back stuff up either because they simply don’t know any better or they intended to but didn’t get that far or they think they have a good backup but realize the hard way they don’t. I don’t know how many times I’ve had someone tell me they have never backed up their iPhone (with all their photos) because the cloud does it (what happens the day it doesn’t?) or they don’t know if they even have iCloud backup on.

I started in IT in the '80’s, gave up in the '90’s when I realised it mostly consisted of impossible clueless clients who think programming is magic.

I don’t offer advice or explanations re backups these days because it’s usually people don’t want to pay the cost so they end up paying the price. Or is that the other way round?

Looking at the web admin page for NUC Rock it doesn’t contain a format option for an external disk and I have no space for an internal one.

The joys of locked-down systems. You should be able to format in ext4 on another Linux machine.

The disk I’ve been using for a few years must have been formatted in OSX so I’m thinking there must be an option there which I’m looking for at the moment.

I was in a hurry on my phone :rofl:

Nah, it’s recommended to do it from the web admin page. (Still in a Huron my phone)

Linux supports exFat but I don’t know about ROCK but you should be able to just pull the existing music drive, install the new one, format it from the web GUI and restore your backup to the new drive, right (never used a Nucleus or ROCK setup so I don’t know for sure)?

If you are looking to replace the internal drive. you need to copy all the music off of it to a network location.
Then remove the old drive. install the new drive. Format the new drive. Then copy all the music from the network location back to the newly formatted internal drive.

Formatted the disk exFat.

Tried to copy from old ext. disk to new ext. disk

Couldn’t copy directly from old USB drive to new USB drive via SMB on my Mac Pro 5.1 (Running an older OS). Error -36 (Something in the directory can’t be copied)

Currently looks to be copying using SMB from a Mac Studio. Not sure what that’s about.

Sadly, doesn’t exist as an option for an external disk.

I didn’t realize the existing drive was USB (I was thinking internal). In that case couldn’t you just plug both into your mac and copy that way instead of over network?

The current drive wouldn’t mount in the mac (Mac Pro 5.1). I didn’t try with the Mac Studio as it’s in a different location. It’s possible the Mac Pro has issues, it’s 12 years old.

I would have prefered to do it that way though. Although technically I would hope that the data will only move from USB drive to USB drive with the remote Mac Studio managing the transfer.

At the moment I know I can copy a single file but I’m waiting for the preparation of the big copy to finish.

So both drives are plugged into the NUC and you are doing the copy over the network is that it?

Yes, still preparing. 27 thousand items so far.