Moving music from external USB to Internal HDD on ROCK

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I am referring to this article;
FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits? (

I am trying to move my music collection from an old external HDD to an internal HDD on my ROCK server (NUC 8i3BEH).

The internal storage now appears as a separate entry in Settings->Storage. So I see my old external HDD which is disabled and the ROCK ‘Internal Music Storage’ which is also disabled. But I cannot edit my old music storage entry to point to the internal storage.

How can I preserve my album and track level edits in this case?

The important thing is not to allow Roon to see both the old and the new storage locations.
So what you have with both currently disabled is fine.

The next steps are:

  1. Remove the old watched folder in Roon (you could leave it disabled, but it safer to remove)
  2. Enable the new one

Roon will then start scanning the files in the new watch folder and matching them up against the Roon database. It may take a little while but once complete all should be back to how it was with just the file location references updated in Roon database.

Once word of advise, make sure you have at least a couple of recent Roon database backups.
That’s your “get of of jail” card if anything does go wrong with the file migration.

Trust this helps, do let us know how it works out.


Awesome thank you @Carl

I will give it a whirl and report back!

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Worked like a charm! Thanks :grinning:


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