Moving music storage location

Currently have FLAC files on NAS
plan is to move to external drive connected via USB to nucleus.

Planned steps:
-remove current path to nucleus

  • connect external to nucleus and then go from there?

Is it really that simple? My impression of Roon after a few years is often it is anything but simple
Thank you

Also what format should i use for the drive
Need it to work with MAC, QNAP NAS, and Nucleus

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Use exFAT:

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Thanks for the links

Would just removing the current path to NAS and then just plugging in external to nucleus and direct it there work as well?

I don’t know, I would just follow the guide.

  • Enter Settings/Storage
  • Disable the folder you want to move
  • Edit the path to match new location
  • Enable the folder again.

Ensure to read guide linked in earlier post!

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Thx…HD i bought to use with Nucleus is 16 TB.
IT doesnt work with my NAS.
anyone know if Nucleus can handle an external of that size?

16TB should work, attach it with no data and see if Roon will accept it. Suspect you should format as well (not sure if it is possible to format external USB drive from web interface of the Nucleus?)


If everything is OK, copy files over network

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Yes already formatted to Exfat

Then it should be just to connect it. I would avoid removing the NAS share (follow the disable concept described above) if history is important to you.

I recommend formatting as NTFS if you use such a large disk. ExFAT is very ineffecient using large block sizes compared to NTFS, meaning that you do not hae as much hard drive capacity available to you. Roon supports NTFS drives and it should be compatible for reading across most operating systems.

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Of course, if disk is only going to be used on the Nucleus, why not EXT4 ?

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Dont know much about any of this format stuff
Just saw somewhere Exfat recommended for Nucleus
Also would like to use the drive with my MAC

Dont think NTFS would allow me to use with my MAC?

Macs can read NTFS, they need something like “NTFS for Mac” (great and reliable BTW) to write to an NTFS volume.

Want to use drive on my mac…

Ill check it out
Thank you

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No such option to format on my mac

It’s an application you have to purchase (Apple solved only half the problem by allowing read capabilities, but not write). Paragon’s link is: