Moving Music Storage

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus Roon Version 2.0 Build 1148

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology NAS connected via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Dartzeel USB

Number of Tracks in Library

3600 Albums

Description of Issue

I am trying to load my music files onto a newly installed 8T internal SSD inside my Nucleus Plus
I have a full copy of my albums on an external USB drive, as well as on the NAS.
What is the easiest, and more importantly fastest way to do this?

Well, the migration FAQ is a good place to start.

When it comes to copying music to the internal drive you have to do it over the network, through a different PC that is setup to see both the NAS and the Nucleus Internal drive. Note that this can take a long time for a lot of music; especially if there is a wifi hop.

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Hey @Carl_Zapp,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if @Rugby’s reply was helpful? Let me know if you’ve been able to successfully move storage locations :+1:

Thanks for checking up. I’m in the middle of transferring the files now. Unfortunately, it will take a month to transfer 7 tb of music from the Synology to the Nucleus via ethernet cable. It’s all hard wired. I wish there was a faster way, but apparently it is what it is.

That cant be right if it is all ethernet.

Well, the Nucleus is wired by ethernet to a switch. The Synology is wired to the same switch. I’m using a Mac Pro desktop to monitor the transfer. I’m dragging files from the Synology to the internal storage on the Nucleus. The files are transferring at a rate of 10 gigs per hour.
Is there anything that I’m doing wrong?

If you are on the MAC and are using the MAC to copy the files, the transfer goes through the MAC, so the MAC had better be wired as well.

I tried that - wired the Mac to the switch, but it didn’t make a difference. The transfer rate was the same.

Hi Cark,

I would keep the Mac attached to the switch, plug the USB to the MAC, copy from the Mac to the Nucleus internal drive, would be the shortest path.

Stick the nucleus SSD in a disk case, attach it via USB to the nas, transfer the files. Take the disc out of the case and put it back in the nucleus.
This sort of thing

Didn’t you say that the only way to copy music on to the Nucleus was via Ethernet?

See How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive FAQ. Which is good read because there are other steps you should do if you want to keep your edits, playlists intact and not end up with a duplicated library.

However, copying 7 tb data on a wired gigabyte network should take no more than several days. Something else is going on if you are getting a timescale of a month or more.

@Rugby was correct for copying to the disc in the nucleus. I am suggesting a work around that is unsupported by roon but which could save you days of effort.
It’s a suggestion worth trying at relatively low cost.

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