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I have two Roon lifetime licenses, one for each of two houses. I need to transfer the license from the core that no longer exists and build a new core from scratch. How do I:

  1. Install Roon core on a new machine;
  2. Transfer license;
  3. Build a new database.

There’s no license to transfer, per se.

  1. Backup up the Roon database on the old machine
  2. Install Roon on the new machine like a first time install
  3. Bring up Roon on new machine and restore database when prompted.

You have a backup from the old machine, right?

See the official KB article here.

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Your Roon license is tied to the email address and password you used. It’s possible you have two different accounts using two different email addresses and passwords or, like me, you could have two subscriptions on one account, so you can log onto two Roon cores at once using one email address and one password.

If you need to look at your account, you can go to Roon - Settings - General - View account info

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In response:

  1. There is no backup.
  2. It is not clear that I can even retrieve the machine that was running Roon Core.
  3. Both licenses are under my one email address.

What I was hoping to do is just build a new machine to run Roon Core and start it from scratch. (Actually, I will just dump my library of song from the system that is still running and build a new library on the new machine.


1 and 2 aren’t mandatory, just unauthorize the old and authorize - I think that were the terms - your new core in the dialogue on startup and you should be good to go from there.

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I think what @Brian_Lloyd is saying is that he no longer has the core to deactivate.

Brian, lets tag @support and see if they can deactivate one of the licenses for you.


I don’t think it matters whether Brian has the Core or not - the state of the switch is held at Roon Labs, so if a Core needs to be unauthorized, that can be done whether the Core is running or not.

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So when the new core authorization happens, it will de-authorize the old core?


Yup, see


Precisely Geoff_Coupe.

The reason I am here asking the question is that I cannot find a way to ask directly of Roon that this be done. The closest I could get to being able to ask this question seemed to keep getting me punted to this forum, which does not seem to me to be the right way to get a licensing issue dealt with. This clearly is just between me and Roon, not involving other Roon users at all. Regardless, since this forum seems to be the place where Roon wants all tech support to go (sensible on their part to get crowd-sourced tech support as it is much less expensive than hiring someone competent to answer questions) this is where I came, hoping someone at Roon will see it and engage me directly since, as Geoff_Coupe so rightly suggests, they have the switch in their hands.

But they don’t have to do anything - it’s entirely within your hands to transfer the second license to your new Core.

Try it and see. If it doesn’t work, then is the time to come here and ask Support to fix it.

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Hmm, OK. Interesting point. It isn’t how I would have set things up because it seems that it would allow one to set up as many Roon Core systems as one wanted to. Determining the non-presence of a Roon Core would be a challenge because, well, it isn’t present.

It doesn’t hurt to try but I do think there needs to be someone in Roon to say, "Yeah, this license is no longer in use so the owner may install it on a new system.

You can do this. As long as only one Core is operational at any one time, then the one license can be used with all of them.

That’s spelt out in the article I referred to.

Yes, one could setup 100s of roon cores, but one could only use one of them at a time if you only have one license. When you activate your new core (which you can do without Roon’s assistance), Roon will deactivate any other core trying to use the license, whether such core is currently online or not.

Edit. Geoff beat me to it.

I’m curious.

With just 1 license, then this straight forward, but will Brian have an option to select which Core to disable as so to have the correct one disabled?


The unauthorize message does identify Cores - so he should be offered a choice. But let’s not be Greek philosophers arguing over the number of teeth a horse has here - when the time comes Brian will go to the stable and count them.



I read a lot about transferring licenses all of the time here. As you know it a simple process. First time I come across about 2 licenses. I was just curious about the process since I am considering a 2nd license myself.


There is no licensing issue as I explained above. Build your new device, load Roon, sign on, deauthorize the old one. It should look somewhat like this, but I think you will see three choices.

Thank you. I was making an assumption. So that means Roon “phones home” whenever it is in use. Of course, Roon Arc implies that as does all the streaming. Anyway, OK, I get it now. Thank you.

Now a different but related question. Now that I have terminated the use of that license in my other house, what if I wanted to gift it to someone else, e.g. my son? Is it possible to move a license from one account to another?

Nope. The license is non-transferable. See: