Moving remote/control to new PC

I know there are several topics discussing how to move Core to another PC etc… but I’m not fully understanding if there are things that are needed to “move” the remote install to another PC.

My config is as follows:

  1. Roon server (headless) running on high end wkst (Win10) in laundry room (connected to managed switch)
  2. HQP also installed on server
  3. Mac mini in listening room as an NAA
  4. I have one Win10 laptop running as a control/remote that is used to browse/play tunes

I have a new replacement laptop/tablet I want to use for my dedicated control/remote (replacing #4). Do I simply install ROON on the new laptop (specifying to use as a remote during install)?

Or do I need to copy “stuff” from #4 (ROON folder “\users\appdata\local\ROON”) onto the new laptop prior/post install on new laptop?

Yes. No need to move anything on the Mac or the Win10 machine.

OK thanks, I’ll give it a whirl! I’ll report back my findings as well

Well that was easy! i thought there was some sort of file(s) or DB that needed to be moved/copied in this setup. Anyway, installed and all looks good, thanks.

FWIW - I wanted to try a different remote control - more of a tablet 2-in-1 etc… I didn’t want an iPad due to the small screen and was looking at a surface pro3 and others. I came across an HP Envy X2 13" (M5y70, 256ssd, 8GB mem, intel 5300 graphics) very reasonable $ and is more than capable, its pretty zippy.

However, so far the touch screen doesn’t appear to be on par with say iPad’s in so far as the sensitivity goes (e.g. using on screen keyboard, press the letter X and you get two “C’s”). A bit clunky in comparison. Still evaluating though.

At least this hardware “spec” is sufficient going forward as a point of ref.