Moving Roon Core


I’m an existing customer with a lifetime Roon license.

I tried to find an email contact from support, but was directed here. This seems to be a public forum, so I have not enclosed my personal information.

I’m hoping to get some instructions from you for moving my Roon Core. Today, I purchased a Nucleus Plus. It should be arriving in 2-4 weeks.

Currently, my core is running on an older Mac Mini running 10.12.6, which is too old to upgrade to the newest Roon software. It’s running the Legacy 1.8 version of Roon. I can’t give you more information on the Roon Server software, as I can’t figure out how to get more information on it. If I go into Mac’s application launchpad, click Roon Server, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Up on the toolbar, if I click Roon, it says Roon status is running, Launch at startup, and Quit. There’s not an option to get more info.

I have a little over 3TB of music files on an external hard drive, connected to the Mac Mini.

I have a number of playlists that I would like to preserve.

The Nucleus Plus I purchased is the 4TB version. So my hope is to:
Transfer my current Core information to it with my lifetime license, Playlists, etc
Import my music files from the external hard drive into the Nucleus Plus

I read online that it’s important that my current core be upgraded to the current version of Roon, but unfortunately that is not possible, as my Mac Mini is too old to upgrade to the current version of Mac OS.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The steps you need to follow are found in the following help guide.

From your post, it seems as though you are running the 1.8 version of Roon Server on your Mac Mini, which is acting as your Roon Core.

Where are you running the user interface component of Roon, that will be accessing the Core? Have you installed Roon for MacOS on the Mac Mini, and just using the user interface component? If so, then this will also be the 1.8 version of Roon. This will also be an issue when you get the Nucleus, because I assume that you want the Nucleus to be running version 2.0 of Roon, and this means that you can’t use the 1.8 version of Roon on the Mac Mini to talk to it. You also can’t upgrade this 1.8 version to 2.0.

Please give more details on your setup, and whether you use other devices to run the Roon user interface. Thanks.

Hi Martin

It says in this article that it’s important for my current core to be running the newest version of Roon, which is not possible in my case, as my Mac Mini is too old. It’s running Legacy 1.8. Will there be a problem during the database transfer because of this, and are there any steps I can take to minimize the problems? Thanks

Hi Geoff.
If I understand your question, I’m using an iPad to interact with the Roon Core. My music end points are two Linn streamers, a Linn Klimax, and a Linn Accurate.

Ah, OK, so the iPad is your Control component. You don’t have Roon installed on your Mac Mini, only the Roon Server.

Then the iPad is currently running version 1.8 of Roon Remote, and you will need to upgrade this to version 2.0 for it to access the Nucleus. Links for this are in the 1.8 > 2.0 migration article.

AFAIK, the article referred to by @Martin_Webster is valid for your situation. A backup of the 1.8 database can be restored onto a 2.0 Roon Core - the database is forwards compatible…

Never mind. Geoff posted what you need.

That’s great news!

So, the Mac mini running Roon Server 1.8 has backed up the database (version 1.8) to its external hard drive. I simply hook up this external hard drive to the new Nucleus Plus, and it should be able to convert this backed up version 1.8 database to the new 2.0 database for the Nucleus?

It’s only backed up if you told it to backup. If you didn’t, do that now.

Yes, it’s backed up.

Thanks for your help guys

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I’m not a Mac user, so I hope someone else will jump in if necessary. What is your external hard drive’s format? This article states what formats the Nucleus supports:

Because you’re going to be reading in the Backup to restore it to the Nucleus, even if the drive is formatted as HFS/HFS+, it should read in the data.

After getting the backup restored. To move your music and repoint the internal pointer so Roon doesn’t treat the moved files as new, thus losing your play counts etc

Step 1. Open up a control point and Disable the Internal Storage on the Nucleus
Step 2 .Plug the drive back into a PC.
Step 3. Go to the Nucleus WEb UI and turn OFF RoonServer component
Step 4. Use the PC’s file manager (Finder) to copy the music from the PC to the internal drive of the Nucleus over the network.
Step 5. Once that is finished, turn ON the RoonServer component
Step 6. Go to Settings/Storage and EDIT the old storage location to point to the new internal drive

After that the system should scan and then you will be good. Keep in mind you will still need an external drive or a network location to make Roon database backups as the Nucleus internal drives cannot be used for that.

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Hey @Dave_Little,

Ben with the support team here! It looks like you’ve received some excellent next steps from some of the most knowledgeable people on community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Judging by your original post, you most likely haven’t received your new Nucleus yet (congrats on the upgrade by the way!) So I’ll keep this thread open until you’ve managed to get the new core and go through the motions of setting it up.

I’ll be on standby in case you have any questions during the process. :+1:

Can’t connect to my new Nucleus Plus


Today I was setting up my new Nucleus Plus and ran into a problem.

I previously was running my core off a Mac mini.

The steps I took:

  1. Turned off the Mac mini and connected the external hard drive with my Roon Backup and music files via USB directly to the Roon.

  2. Turned on the Nucleus Plus, and instead of logging in, clicked Restore Backup.

  3. Restored the latest Backup to the Nucleus Plus

  4. Reconnected the Hard drive to a different Mac running the Roon Client

  5. On the Roon Client, disabled the current watched folder
    Settings → Storage, and disable current watched folders except internal storage by clicking on 3 dots and choose Disable

  6. Accessed the Web interface and stopped the Roon Server Software
    Settings → Setup. Find Roon OS

  7. Connected to the Internal Storage of the Roon and copied my music files over
    Command K
    Copy paste music files

  8. Unplugged the Nucleus from power to reboot, replugged it in

No Nucleus Plus! I can’t connect to it.

I think unplugging it to reboot was the mistake. And since The Roon Server software is stopped, I can’t access it via a Roon client.

I think what I need to do now is somehow log back into the Web Interface to turn the Roon Server Software back on. Not certain how to do this. Running the Roon Client, it searches for the Roon Core, but can’t find it. From the Mac, I also tried Command K, smb://NUCLEUSPLUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage, and smb://NUCLEUSPLUS, and get the error message that there was a problem connecting to the server NUCLEUSPLUS.

Do you mean that you just pulled the power plug out? You didn’t shut down the Nucleus properly by pressing the power button briefly?

Problem Solved…listening to music on my new Nucleus Plus!!!

To answer your question, yes I had pulled the power cord. I didn’t notice the power button for shutdown and restart on the Web Interface page.

When I plugged the Nucleus Plus back in, I thought it started automatically, as the internet cable light was flashing. When I pushed the power button, the Nucleus Plus reappeared on my network.

Have the system up and running – yeah!!

Thanks for all of the help and advice guys.

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