Moving router -- does it make a difference?

Roon Core Machine

Sonic Transporter i5, Bluesound Node 2i as endpoint, Benchmark DCC, iPad controller

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router – Comcast located in den, connected to den system and to wall Ethernet socket to one switch routing Ethernet around house, connecting to living room wall plate, then to switch, then to Bluesound 2I, DAC, and main stereo system. I use spdif/Toslink and do not use USB.

Connected Audio Devices

see above

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Currently, my modem/router, Sonic transporter, a Node 2i endpoint and a stereo system are in my den. The modem/router connects to my main living room system through a large full-home switch to the living room Ethernet wall plate, then to a switch connecting DVD, etc., and also connecting to another Node 2i endpoint to the DAC and then to the main stereo.

I am wondering if moving the modem/router to the living room and connecting the Sonic Transporter and living room Node 2i directly to the router (or a switch to the router) will improve sound quality, rather than the existing long-run Ethernet. If so, will using higher quality CAT cables for the router/Transporter and Node 2i connections will also improve SQ?

Thanks, Ken


It shouldn’t make any difference. Cat 5e or Cat 6 ethernet cable should be fine at anything up to around 300 ft. Beyond that you might start to experience some packet loss, but switching from one room to another shouldn’t have any impact.

Stick with Cat 5e or Cat 6. You should avoid shielded cables (Cat 7 or 8) as these will likely cause problems in a domestic environment.

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Nope and it could degrade quality by introducing grounding issues. Stick with 5e or 6 UTP cables.

When you say “long-run” just how long is it. Max length for cat 5 or 6 at gig speed is 100 meters.

Thanks. Even through the wall, I can’t imagine anything close to 100m. I do use 5e or 6.

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Thanks. Even through the wall, I can’t imagine anything close to 100m. I do use 5e or 6.

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I was lucky in that I found a house that had everything wired thorough conduit to a central location. So, not only was there an ethernet outlet everywhere, I could easily change cable if I wanted.

Yep. My house is similarly wired through a large central switch box but I can’t replace interior cables.

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