MPEG-4 not imported in Roon from an iTunes library

The Issue
Hi, Roon wouldn’t import the files MPEG-4 from my iTunes library/folder, while it imports the files M4A.

My Setup
I have an Innuos Zen MK-III as core where I keep my collection of ripped CDs, and I typically run Roon on a Microsoft Surface with Windows 10 64-bit. Everything works just fine with the music that is on the Innuos.
I have an old iTunes library on a synology, that I used to access from iTunes. I added the folder on the synology (storage section) to access the old library from the Roon play. Unfortunately Roon would import only the M4A files in the library and wouldn’t import the MPEG-4 files.

Is it an issue with the authorizations for the files? The library is all of content purchased from the iTunes store.

Thank you


Probably because MPEG-4 is not on the list of supported file formats per the Roon Knowledge Base.


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I think mpeg 4 is a video compression format, hence not recognized by Roon (Roon is audio only).

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