MQA Acronym Posts (keep it clean)

After a long period MQA still seems to be:

Manifold Questions & Answers.


Mostly Quiet and Anonymous

Magnificent Quality Awaited

Mis Quoted Always

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Missing (any) Quantity (of) Albums

Until there is any real content available there is no point in Manifold Questions & Answers so things should be Mostly Quiet and Anonymous until then and so any Magnificent Quality is Awaited and Awaited and Awaited…

Many Quality Attorneys


Missing Quality Albums

Missing Quality Artists

Multiple Questions & Answers…

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Multiple Questions (no) Answers

Many Questionable Accolades :grin:

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Moderator Quotes Alpha post

Deleted a post that didn’t comply. Keep it clean.

Most Questionable Activity

Must Quit Anticipating


More Qobuz Answers, also much ado about nothing…

Make Qick Alliances

Miscellaneous Quarantined Acronyms

I was inclined initially not to blow the whistle and make a new thread, but to be fair we have now run a fair way with the ball and it could have derailed other discussion.

Many Querulous Audiophools.

Acronym Definition
MQA Master Quality Authenticated (audio codec)
MQA Multiple Queue Assignment
MQA Medical Quality Assurance (Florida Department of Health division)
MQA Message Queue Attachment
MQA Mining Qualifications Authority (South Africa)
MQA Missouri Quality Award (Northwest Missouri State University)
MQA Material Quotation Analyst
MQA Molecular and Quantum Acoustics (Polish education)
MQA Material Quality Assurance
MQA Mary Queen of Apostles (New Kensington, PA catholic School)
MQA Melbourne Quality Assurance (Australia)
MQA Mobile Quality Analyzer

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Obviously, Masterful; Quintessential; Always :smile:

Malicious Questionable Audability

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