MQA and Bluesound

He’s referring to MQA files not undergoing any unfolding when being sent to Bluesound products via Roon. Thus they are seen only as 48k/24 bit.

aahhh. Thanks very much for letting me know.

Awesome! Great news!

Superb, was at the Highend and listen to Bob Stuart and Enno, great guys.

Thanks Danny for the great news!

Any update on this? Seems like the great news is now “no news”.

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Danny, Almost a month since you teased us with NAD MQA fix. Having moved from a Synology NAS core to a ROCK core my whole system is up a significant notch in SQ. Only thing is that to fully enjoy MQA streaming I’ve got to switch over to the clunky Bluesound UI, sounds great, BUT!
Is this fix coming in a build? or do we need to wait on a release?

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Yes please @danny I am also interested on this one.

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Ditto, pleeaaassseeee :cry:

so Danny, is build 232 what we were waiting for OR is the ball now in Bluesound’s court?

There will still be some work needed on the Bluesound side to integrate with our new MQA detection.

We will be delivering an updated RAAT SDK version to all partners this week–that will enable them to get started.

Thanks. So next week we start bugging the Bluesound guys :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian, I will commence bugging Bluesound right now :wink:

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Well, they don’t have what they need yet…so they might be confused :slight_smile:

It appears this now works in Roon (a Tidal Masters album in MQA shows up in Roon as 192). Do you know if there is a Bluesound update coming to fix this in my NAD M12 (where the album is only 48).

I’d say we’re simply looking at some labelling now present as result of a recent build, but not yet the capability for the bluesound device to unfold the MQA file to that labelled resolution.

Jip Andrew from Bluesound confirmed with the following quote:
’This change requires us to go under the hood on how we do MQA. Not a small lift. It’s in the hopper.'

This is not good news. Looks like BlueSound’s RoonReady designation should be revoked.

Its only the MQA unfolding thats an issue.
Or do you want to revoke roon ready from all devices that cant unfold MQA?

@fritzg, relax and give them time to do what is required. MQA is not central to being Roon ready and they can decode it from within their own OS. It seems to me they should be congratulated for their willingness to do this. I presume also that part of the bottle neck will be that this will need to go back to MQA Ltd for accreditation.