MQA and Bluesound

Excellent! Thank you for the info @Andrew_Haines.
I truly believe Roon and Bluesound make an excellent combination and this being ironed out will only help increase sales of both.

Thank you for the update. I am glad that you guys at Bluesound and Roon guys are working on a solution. Bluesound and Roon is a great match!

Andrew, many thanks for clearing the confusion. Can you be specific, are we waiting on a bluesound release OR are we waiting on a Roon build…Or for Roon release 1.4, which would seem to be farther off than either of the former scenarios.

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I am interested in the answer to this as well. @Andrew_Haines

Hi Mark, we need the MQA header (metadata) on top of the PCM. This would be an update for Roon, albeit timing, 1.4, just as maintenance is up to their development team.

Thanx Andrew, perhaps someone from Roon can pipe in and tell us whether this update will come in a build or release 1.4??

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It’s tied up in our general timeline for MQA integration, and we’ve already done that topic to death. There’s a piece we need to build, then a piece for Bluesound to integrate against. I don’t think anyone knows for sure the date that this will be released yet, but it’s a priority for all parties involved.

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Brian, can I nail you down to a time frame…Days, weeks, months?? Some info on timing would be a small consolation.

We don’t estimate dates in public except for things that are extremely imminent (hours to a few away) and we only very rarely make statements about scheduling features to releases until those features are built and in alpha testing.

MQA is literally the last topic on earth that would provoke us to break that longstanding practice. There’s way too much attention and anticipation around it. If I said “X weeks” to you, someone else would notice and start counting down, and as soon as midnight passed on whatever day someone assumed we meant, our inboxes would be filled with complaints and grumbling if it wasn’t released yet.

Sorry, we’ve been there before, and we won’t do it again. We’ll share more when we can.


Does that mean ROCK is tomorrow? :wink:

Seriously, thanks for making a great product and for delivering 1.3 without MQA. Glad you decided not to delay it for that.

Well put Brian. You guys have been more than forthcoming about new updates and I appreciate the problems that can create. All of us here need a dose of patience from time to time.

As it should be. It is obvious you are working on this, so current customers or those contemplating a purchase based on full MQA/Bluesound integration are encouraged to wait. If you committed early, and those in limbo made those purchases, all hell would break loose.

I can wait, and made my purchase of 3 Bluesound speakers knowing that I have perfectly synced integration at 48khz today, and hopefully full MQA tomorrow!


Has this issue been fixed between Bluesound and Roon?

It seems like every MQA file played on Node 2 via Roon is still limited to 48 MHz

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At Munich High End, we got what we needed (yesterday) from MQA to fix it. It’s coming…


Excellent! I’ve been getting so frustrated having to go outside of Roon to listen to MQA.

We looked at it already and need a bit more We’ve pinged them for the extras and hopefully it won’t be a problem. We’ll keep you updated.

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we got what we needed … now to get the work done…


Thanks. Looking forward to this.

the Node 2 is natively 24/192. not sure why you’d see 48K.