MQA CDs not detected as such in Roon

Hi @support,

I have two MQA CDs:

  • Rebecca Pidgeon, the Raven
  • Camilla Thurman, Inside the Moment

Both CDs have the MQA Logo printed on them, so I assume they contain the real thing.
I have ripped them with dbPoweramp without any issues. accuraterip has confirmed that the rip is ok. When I add the two FLAC albums to my Roon database, they are detected as 16/44.1, not as MQA.

I also have some MQA 24/48 downloads and they are detected in Roon as MQA.
What might I be doing wrong?
Thanks and best regards

Roon will detect as normal 16/44.1k due to fact you don’t have the proper MQA tagging when you rip it. However you need to play them, if the rip is bit perfect then when playing back the file will show MQA authentication.

Thanks, MusicFidelity
Indeed I just noticed that the file format changes when I play a track.
Is there any way the proper tagging can be added manually?

Use a tag editor like Kid3 and enter the following fields:

‘Encoder’ ‘MQAEncode’


You need to see what is the original sample rate Roon playback, use this information and enter in whole numbers into ‘ORIGINALSAMPLERATE’

Example: 44.1k = 44100, 96k = 96000

Hope this help. Alternatively, if you have a MQA file around, you can copy the MQA tag information.

I thought Roon identifies MQA by analysis not just from tags.

Correct. It could be that analysis hasn’t finished.

Unless you play the file which appears in the signal path otherwise Roon will only show PCM information on the album pic below.

My Bruce Springsteen MQA Album From is identified as MQA automatically

That’s incorrect: Roon has identified MQA automatically on analysis for some time.

I have a non Tidal Buena Vista Social Club album that identifies ok.

I’ve verified on a non MQA tag vs a MQA tag file, the result is consistent even after analysis is done. Roon only report tag information and display just below the album art. If you have a non MQA tag file, you have to play them first, from the signal path it will show ‘Authentication’. You can experiment this, go to 2L test bench and download a MQA FLAC file, convert to WAV file. This process stripped all the available tag information. Now play it back on Roon and you will see this…

look below the blank album art, it shows ‘WAV 48kHz 24bit’ but when playback it shows ‘Authentication’ ‘MQA Studio 96kHz’

There’s discussion on BlueSound forum, and MQA has provided the necessary information for tagging the file. You can check this out…

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