MQA core decoder in Roon is not working - Chord Qutest

Hi all
Roon send the MQA hi-res as flac 44/16 to My dac chord qutest.
I’ve opened a ticket but nothing from Roon support They are good to collect the money but the support ….

Thanks in advance


Can you give an example of which album you listen to that’s 44.1/6 MQA.

I’m sure that some 44.1/16 MQA is just that and won’t show any decoding.


Can you screenshot the signal path.

Just had to double check

The Chord Qutest doesn’t decode MQA. Roon needs to be set to do the first decode. Qutest will then render.

Set MQA capabilities to render only.

This may help

Thanks :+1: I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know
Have nice evening

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Normally i shouldn’t put the option to render , even with option render the quality is still cd
here is the path

But isn’t the Chord Qutest just a renderer to perform the last unfold. I think you’ll need to set the settings for Roon to do initial decide and also settings for MQA capabilities to render.

Can you supply screenshots like I have to see of it is just a settings issue

I don’t have access to second screen

Is there and advanced settings tab if you scroll down.

no i can’t see it

It could be because you have exclusive capabilities as it’s the Chord Quest.

You should be able to scroll down further as Resync delay isn’t showing up either.

I’ve checked other screenshots on other threads showing the option available even with Exclusive mode on…

now it’s working , I had to enable the MQA core in advance mode(it doesn’t appear on the screen and roon don’t provide a scroll option to see end of the page

Anyway thanks a lot for your help
Have a nice Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad you managed to get it sorted

Chord Electronics DACs have no MQA capability, so set MQA capabilities to none.

Roon will use the core decoder, if enabled, so 44.1 and 48 kHz sources will decode to 88.2 and 96 kHz respectively.

Thanks , It confirms what I read in the link that @Lewis_Menzies1 sent me , i just set MQA capabilities to none and the source decoding is working correctly

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It was working before but by one of this upgrade roon removed the correct configuration :angry: