MQA disappointing

(Jeff) #747

He’s drank way too much kool-aid, the expectation bias would be very strong!

(Philo Melos) #748

My God, your sounding like an Evangelist. Is there also a mute for specific people?

(Chris ) #749

I’m being evangelical? :joy:I like the irony in that :joy:

(Jeff) #750

Well evangelical is someone that preaches on faith. Sounds like MQA to me. It’s all marketing as they can’t or won’t prove people over on CA wrong. You just have to have faith in Bob!

(Chris ) #751

You know me so well. I have my views, you have yours… move on…


You’re just saying that because you’re listening to words, instead of MQA TM over a Meridian DSP 129838 system. :grin:

(Philo Melos) #753

I found the mute user setting in the settings, so I’ll try that for awhile.


Doesn’t expectation bias apply to all? Sounding like the school yard again…

(Mark) #755

Only mutes notifications from the user.


They can’t move on. They actually think they have any say whether MQA continues to grow. Chris it is best to just ignore them as the MQA continues to grow every week.

(Jeremy) #757

Fortunately we can move on. Qobuz is a proper hi-resolution streaming alternative to compromised distorted lossy MQA on Tidal. I was actually appalled to see Tidal only has Please Remain Seated in MQA lossy format! As long as there are proper authentic hi-resolution alternatives then nobody has to suffer the butchered sound of MQA!

(Chris ) #758

Interesting that the artist quotes MQA as the only way to get the studio sound… hmmm

(Mark) #759

Luke Morley forgot to mention how terrible music sounds on most studio monitoring systems.

In fact, I’d be very surprised if Luke’s hearing acuity isn’t severely compromised like that most performers in the amplified rock genre after years of gigs.


You are really funny.

(Chris ) #761

Comedy is the new Rock n Roll :joy:


On the other hand, many artists quote MQA actually alter the sound characteristics of their original recordings and definitely not happy with it.

By the time it goes to MQA Ltd for encoding, guess what, sound characteristics have changed! Do you think the recording engineers and the artists like what they hear?


I think rational arguments will not work here.
There are some deep emotional issues involved.


And a lot of money


Yes, that was the starting point for MQA. New fees everywhere for everybody, which will be rolled to the enduser.

(Chris ) #766

Errrrr… yes…