MQA Enhanced Signal Path Explanation

I read up on Signal Path, but I am still perplexed. I do not have DSP enabled for this device, yet it is showing “Enhanced” for the path. Can anyone tell me why?

It looks like the Oppo did the MQA processing.

I’m reading here on Roon’s site that “Enhanced” appears when any level of DSP is happening. In my case, it is disabled.

I set the OPPO 205 to full decoding and rendering.

Well, apparently, Roon also gives the Enhanced award when MQA is applied, whether by it or third parties. Not a bad thing, I wouldn’t think.

Roon isn’t enhancing anything. It is doing you the courtesy of telling you that your Oppo is performing enhancement by decoding MQA. The signal path tells you what is happening and importantly where. As the Oppo is Roon certified, Roon can tell you with some confidence what is happening.

It’s not just MQA and the Oppo. Please reference this post. Basically, Roon, because of too many internal processing options inside the Oppo, chooses to default it’s Signal Path to Enhanced.

Thanks for the additional info. :slight_smile:

It’s not just the Oppo. I see Enhanced for my Mytek Liberty DAC as well (as a full MQA decoder and renderer).

Basically (as I understand it), if Roon, for whatever reason, cannot accurately describe in it’s Signal Path how your DAC is processing the signal it will use Enhanced as a default option.

It is possible for the Oppo to report as Lossless, too. It only reports as enhanced if processing is configured on that side–for example, bass management, or compensation for speaker size/position. I believe that in a fresh/factory reset state, none of that is configured and you get a purple light in Roon.

This isn’t true. In Oppo’s case, their device is reporting “Enhanced” back to Roon. In other cases, Enhanced is coming from other processing (which can be seen by opening the full signal path popup), but there is no such defaulting behavior.

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Hi Brian! Thanks for the clarification.

I don’t have any configuration settings enabled (other than default) on my Oppo.

Nor do I have any options on my Mytek Liberty DAC that is also reporting “Enhanced.”

I’m not too worried about it, more curious.

It tells you why it is reporting enhanced. “MQA full decoder”.

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Interesting to see what it would say, if you set the Oppo as neither decoder or renderer in setup.

Would it still report enhanced, or maybe it would report lossless. I am getting a 205 at the end of this week and will explore that myself.

It says lossless.