MQA full decoder and Roon Tested Products

Hi there.
I want to know the products that mqa full decoder and roon tested both support?

Various NAD

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Matrix Audio Mini-I pro 3

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Quite many.

What’s your budget and what other features are you after? We may be able to recommend if we can narrow it down a bit.

I have two full MQA decoders: NAD M10 and the Mytek Brooklyn DAC.

Actually that is the more important question, and well done for asking it :wink:

I can also add the iFi Zen Stream now as I am testing that feeding Metallica S&M into it over MQA 96 set to Decoder and renderer and working perfectly and this is only £399, but that is only a streamer so needs something like an iFi Zen Dac 2 or anything else like that to get the best out of it (or a better Dac even better).

So depending on your budget plenty of options available

I’m looking for it near 100 dollars.

I think it would be a good alternative.Thank you.

That may be aspirational.

Bosang as @Rockhound said you may struggle at that price point.

If you don’t mind using a PC or laptop to stream you can look at the iFi Zen Dac v2 as I read last night that it can do both part’s of the unfold.
I have never used it though so I cannot confirm anything.
It’s around £150 in the UK

Not many option at that price point. Have a look at this and see if you can implement it into your setup.

There are also several other dongles like this one.