MQA implies enhanced (not lossless)?

I have a Gustard R26 (full MQA renderer/decoder) connected via USB 2.0 to a MacBook PRO running Roon.
Why when the DAC decodes the signal, the lossless status is lost ?

Thanks all for your support.

The signal path shows a bit-perfect signal path, with enhanced for the MQA rendering stage performed by the R26.

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MQA is not bit perfect, it applies upsampling in the rendering stage.

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Without debating the format, the signal path shows us that the stream is lossless–I chose to use bit-perfect* as I thought that better described things here, i.e., the steam is unchanged between Roon and the DAC. This is indicated by the bright purple light. Roon uses the terms lossless, lossy, enhanced, and high quality.

Only the decoder stage–a filter–uses the bright blue light. A lossy format, e.g., MP3, uses an amber light.

*That is, the source digital data was not corrupted during playback.

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I wasn’t actually correcting your post just stating that MQA isn’t really bit perfect but I guess that is a conflated argument as to what bit perfect is, but yes the transfer from roon to dac if Roons MQA decoding is turned off is bit perfect.


You are using exclusive mode. In this mode it doesn’t bypass the mixer and volume control of your Mac OS. I know in Windows OS, you can bypass it by installing ASIO driver that comes with DAC.

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The OP is using CoreAudio, which is correct, as this does
not use the OS mixer. On macOS, CoreAudio is preferable to ASIO. System Output uses the OS mixer.

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