MQA now on Tidal!

It’s not just the desktop.

Right now, I can get my Bluesound and NAD streamers (both MQA enabled) to play these streams at MQA levels.

Actually, the Bluesound prducts will even unfold and output these files via digital out at 96/24, even to a non-MQA enabled DAC.

Tidal MQA WoW clean tight amazing come on Roon lets go integrate MQA

Just a few figures:

Madonna Like a Virgin: 192kHz
Coleman Shape of jazz to come: 192kHz
Coltrane Giant steps: 192kHz
Phil Collins Hello: 96kHz
Coldplay Parachutes: 192kHz
Tom Waits Bad as me: 96kHz
Perlman Dvorak: 96kHz
Karajan Tchaikovsky: 96kHz
Karajan Bartok: 96kHz
Perlman Paganini: 96kHz
Rattle Mussorgsky: 44kHz

All got the “Studio Approved” Dot on my Meridian system.

Rattle: puzzling because it was released on SACD in Japan and I suspect it was recorded in high resolution.

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It is a bit weird. I do not think all the albums you mention show up in the MQA Flac 48/24 in my system.

I think it helps to Re load them into your library, then I still couldn’t get some in MQA.
Early blips I imagine.

Thanks for the quick response - how do you reload them?

By bluesound streamer, do you mean the node2?

If so this looks a great way to get into MQA at a not rediculous cost (comparatively).


Found this a second ago. Unfortunately I have no DAC with MQA decoding capability but it works to play under (I think regular FLAC CD conditions) this format on T&A DAC 8

Just go to ‘Other Versions’ Tidal then Add to Library and try it.
If that’s the MQA version 48/24 for those without decoders (I believe)
Delete the other one.
This may only be needed in the short term but I don’t know.

Was that maybe a direct capture from master tapes to DSD/SACD? I assume the MQA encoding process has to start with a hi-res PCM source.

IIRC, it can start with analogue, PCM, or even DSD.

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From DSD it has to be converted to PCM, but I believe the MQA encoder does that itself in a properly engineered manner (bearing in mind that Meridian have been researching DSD decoding in recent years).

Unfortunately does not seem to work to refresh the albums like that. I have a few in the FLAC 48/24 MQA folder - but not as many as you seem to find.

IT does seem inconsistent, earlier I couldn’t find Rumours by Fleetwwod Mac in MQA. Now I looked again and found an MQA version in Tidal and I am listening now.
Early start day blips I suppose.


Apologies for the dumb question. How do you get hat box with the signal path up? I can’t see it anywhere

I think you have to click on the shining dot

Which I don’t have😔. Thought that might be the answer though, thanks

Good question, click on the little star. The colour give the clue as to lossless or lossy etc.

Thanks guys, it’s there now. and Betty’s Lavette is sounding good in 24/48

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How come it is not the same for all of us with regard to MQA albums - that seems odd to me. I live in Denmark - maybe the US is first with this?