MQA on DCS Rossini

Wonder when they will support MQA on Rossini ?


They haven’t announced anything, except that they are discussing it. It’s in the FAQ on their website.

I’m considering purchasing a Rossini. Any news on MQA decoding support via Roon or the native dCS app. Does anyone know if it will provide some sort of MQA Authentication indicator (aka MQA Studio)?


Hi Brian,

It’s coming soon. dCS has done their part of the work and are waiting on their streaming hardware partner to tie up some loose ends. From there it’s just a matter of getting final approval from MQA (which includes approval of the various MQA indicators). Once complete support will be implemented via a firmware update.

Feel free to give me a ring to discuss further…you know the number :wink:

Any update on this. dCS announced MQA would be available in October on the Rossini, two months later no sight. Very disappointing…

IMO, this thread could be closed now.

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