MQA settings for Lumim D2 using Small Green Computer

How do I insure I am getting MQA when using roon with Lumin D2? What setting do I enable in roon and the Lumin D2? I am using a Small Green Computer for Room Core.

In Roon, make sure MQA Core Decoder is enabled (by default). You may set MQA Capabilities to Renderer Only (preferred) or Decoder and Renderer.

In Lumin app, make sure MQA Mode is set to Analog, if you are using the XLR or RCA analog output of D2.

To know that you’re getting MQA, click on the Roon signal path function. On the Lumin front panel, check that it shows OrFS or MQA. These confirm you’re playing and fully decoding the MQA.

I have done that. Within Tidal/Roon, I can get some high resolution music (ex.96kHz). However, some albums (ex.McCartney III), within Lumin app I can see a version of the album that has all the songs in high resolution (96kHz). However, in the Roon/Tidal app, the MQA version only has the first song showing. I can not see/access any of the other songs. I have to go to the non MQA version to see all the songs.

Some albums only have some (not all) tracks in MQA. You may need to play each of them to find out, independent from the display.

Actually. I kept messing with a bunch of settings on Roon. Rescan library and who knows what else. Now the full MQA version of the McCartney III album is showing up with all the songs. Not sure what I did but seems to be working.