MQA Settings for Trinnov Altitude32

Please help,
i searched around but i cant find a logic answer which settings i have to set in my Trinnov Altitude32 when i play MQA Streams to my audio system.
The network source is the Trinnov Altitude32, then go over the Meridian271(basicaly a adapter) to my Meridian DSP(speakers).The speakers have standard D/A converter refer to my knowledge.
As the Altitude cant decode MQA(refer to Trinnov support),
“Enable MQA core decoder” have to bet to encode the MQA stream.Sounds “logic”.
But then are that choices for “MQA capabilities” for the Device(AL32):
a)No MQA support
b)Decoder and renderer
c)Decoder only
d) Renderer only
So “for my thinking” i have to choose a), as the AL32 dont decode or render.
BUT,IF the questions is:
What should the core decoder do(ROON sw decoder ?)
i have to choose c) or b)

Option c) as ROON can sw decode, but cant tell the Meridian DSP “how to render” as they are not MQA_D/A`s
Option b) as ROON can sw decode and can try render as during the “calibration” routine(Room correction) of the Altitude32 ,
the Altitude receives the sound of the speaker and can compare the time smearing or out-impulse of the speaker.
OR, ROON already know the “time smearing” of the Meridian DSP and can process with that knowledge.
So, the first main question is what Roon means under “Device setup” with the question/Option “MQA capabilities” ?
Included is screenshot from the ROON sw page
Thanks for any “clear” light on that issue.

Changed the option letter from d) to b) so it make sense

If your DAC has no MQA capabilities, then you need to set ‘No MQA support’ (Q2. a) and have Roon provide the first unfold by enabling MQA core decoder (Q1).

Ok. So Q1 have to be on the top of the page to make sense for me.

Thanks all i will try it out. So hopefully my ears can recognize if its correct or hearable.

This screen is for the device settings, so the primary question is: what capability does the DAC have?

  1. No MQA capabilities means the DAC will not recognize an MQA stream
  2. Decoder and renderer means the DAC can perform the first and second unfold
  3. Decoder only means the DAC will only perform the first unfold
  4. Renderer only means the DAC will perform the second unfold if it receives a decoded MQA signal

What you set here determines whether you enable Roon’s core decoder.

Roon’s core decoder performs the first unfold only. You may choose to use this for #1-4. Roon can also apply DSP to the decoded signal and preserve the MQA stream.

Since you say your DAC has no MQA capabilities use #1. You can then decide to enable the core decoder if you want Roon to perform the first unfold, e.g. a 44.1kHz source file will be unfolded to 88.2kHz. Alternatively, disable the core decoder to prevent any decoding.

A big thanks for the logic explainations, its clear now. If we ever meet us, you will get som e drinks, so then you can teach me logics…
A big thanks Robert

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