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I have an Innous Zenith streamer running as Roon core directly connected to a Mytec Brooklyn plus DAC to my power amp. I want to play MQA but the blue or green indicator light on the DAC does not come on even though I’ve got mqa enabled on the Roon and DAC settings. I’m using Tidal at their highest level which allows mqa. Which setting should I use on Roon to get mqa to work?

Enable MQA setting in the Mytek hardware. Make sure you’re running the latest Mytek firmware.

Disable DSP and volume leveling in Roon.

Post a signal path screenshot.

Hello @Kenneth_Thean, wklie has the right idea here. Could you please try his suggestion and post a screenshot of your signal path? Thanks!

Thanks. Tried your suggestion. Working fine now. Realised my error. Wanted to control volume on my ipad and enabled volume control. MQA only works when control of volume is only on the Mytek. Used Roon defaults and works fine. Thanks Roon took.

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