MQA Streams over HDMI with GTC 1060 TI

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Windows 10 with newest roon version

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HDMI from GTX 1060 TI to Denon X5200W

Description Of Issue

Does Roon convert MQA stream on the computer and send it as a PCM stream to the amplifier or am I not getting the fully potential of MQA streams in this

My sound it playing on my Denon X5200W and roon does say MQA, but the input on my Denon says PCM. Are roon doing the conversion and does it has an effect on the quality?

Firstly a quick look suggests the Denon is not MQA compatible. As such it is incapable of recognising MQA. MQA is a format that sits atop a protocol. So if you apply MQA encoding to PCM, the stream remains PCM but with some of its performance locked in by the MQA encoding process. Roon should partially unpack this performance and send a PCM stream to the intended decoder, so what you are seeing is normal. The only place you should see any reference to MQA is in Roon.

OK, so i loose some quality cause im not using a dac that can handle MQA. That DAC would anyways allways send the stream to my Denon with PCM if I was using a MQA dac with roon or?

You are using the Denon as the DAC. If you put a fully MQA capable DAC in the stream you can only connect to the Denon if it has analogue inputs. MQA does not allow exposing itself to a digital interface.

Ahh ok. Get it. Thx for the help.

Hi @Christian_Hansen,

Henry’s answer is correct — In order to get both MQA unfolds, you will need an MQA capable DAC.

You can see more about the quality you’re getting by viewing the Signal Path.

You can also read more about the MQA options in Roon in our Knowledge Base.

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