mR and difference between RAAT / NAA

When playing a 192/24 PCM files via my mR, I get stuttering and drops in NAA mode, but when playing the same files via RAAT there are no issues. Does anyone know (from a network perspective) what the differences between these two modes are?

They are different protocols. Are you just trying to stream bit perfect or up sampled content?

Let’s limit the discussion to just streaming bit perfect.

Are you using Roon and HQ Player together or separately? Describe the computer and the network from the microRendu back to the router.

I prefer to use Roon and HQplayer together. I could provide you with an overview of how my system is setup, but honestly my question is really directed to obtaining a better understanding of the two protocols used and their differences

I am convinced that the problem lies somewhere in my Network Setup and hope this info will assist me in identifying / fixing the problem.

I can’t provide that information. It would have to come from Roon and Signalyst. It could be your network. It can also be your computer, settings in HQ Player, and so on.

Hi @Bacon_Brain,

I’m going to shift this into the HQ Player section, drop flags for @brian and @jussi_laako and see if anyone can assist there.

Could you give some details of your setup, particularly as to network ?

RAAT and NAA are completely different systems. I can answer any questions about RAAT, but I know nothing of NAA internals :slight_smile:

RAAT uses a TCP control channel for basic/management tasks, but the actual audio stream is transmitted over UDP. We also use UDP packets for clock synchronization and to manage resends of dropped/lost packets. The protocol is completely custom–i.e. it is not an application or adaptation of one of a pre-existing system like RTP/RTSP.


Thanks for responding.

My Network Setup is pretty straight forward. I have a provider supplied Modem/Router connected via Cat 6 to a Cisco SG200 switch in the office to which my NAS and Music PC (Roon Server w HQPlayer) are also connected. The mR and DAC are located in my living room and connected (Cat. 6) to the Cisco SG200 through a Netgear Pro Safe switch. I have an Airport Extreme as AP which is also connected (Cat. 6) to the Netgear Switch. With the exception of the mR, all devices are assigned static IP’s and I have not configured my switches with any VLAN or QoS features. The only really non-standard options which I have enabled are a level 3 LAG for the NAS and IGMP Snooping for both switches and the AP.

I believe I have covered all of the basic troubleshooting stuff, such as cable replacement, utilizing different ports, rebooting of the devices, speed tests, etc., but my problem remains. Any file which has a sample rate higher than 96/24 will not play (together with HQplayer and the mR as a NAA) without drops/stuttering. It doesn’t matter if it is bit perfect (w/o HQplayer upsampling) or if the file is located on the NAS / local SSD of the music PC.

Playing the same files via RAAT, works like a charm. I’m stuck … :frowning:

BB .

Thanks BB, very helpful.

Are you able to move the mR/DAC into the office and check how it performs connected to the Cisco switch ?

Does anything have jumbo frames enabled ?

I have tried both enabled and disabled options regarding jumbo frames and it made no difference either way. Currently they are disabled.

I am still getting drops / stutter when connecting the mR directly to the cisco switch.

Thanks BB,

Keeping the mR in the office for the moment. If you bring in and substitute the Netgear switch in place of the Cisco switch, same or different ?

Oh that’s a tough one because it is built into my cabinet … :rolling_eyes:

Have to see what I can do.

Idea is to try and isolate each component in network chain to see if problem is associated with a component. That is the suspicion because NAA works without stuttering in other systems.

It might be benaficial for everyone to be on the same page and have the latest code.

Please follow this upgrade procedure for the microRendu if you have not done so already:

  1. Go to Apps and select Software Manager
  2. Now select Update
  3. Wait for “Back to main menu” to appear at the bottom of the screen and ignore any Complete notices
  4. Go to Settings / RoonReady and press Save

Although the mR GUI was showing the current FW version 2.2, I ran the upgrade again, just to be on the safe side. :slight_smile:

I also connected the Modem/Router, Music PC, AP and mR directly to my Netgear switch. The Cisco switch, NAS, and all related cabling, were disconnected.

Given that I no longer had any access to my NAS, I started HQplayer (w/o Roon Server, sorry guys) and played a native 192/24 Flac file (no Upsampling, Filters, or Dither) from the Music PC SSD.

Result: Continued Stutters /Drops :frowning:

Logical Assumptions through process of elimination:

The cause of the issue is not; NAS, Cisco Switch, Net Gear Switch, connections between these components, outdated FW / SW versions, lack of CPU power to Upsample, etc. (playing native 192/24 files), ability of music pc to stream 192/24 (roon server with mR as RAAT works), or Roon related (not used in test setup)

What it could be; A compatibility issue between the NAA protocol and my provider supplied combi Modem/Router. This would be the worse scenario for me since the ability to tweak settings of the device is extremely limited.

Make sense or is there something I am overseeing?

Makes sense to me. Check it is running the latest available firmware.

So, I have placed a dedicated router between the Cisco Switch and the old combi Router/Modem (now purely used for Internet access), but the problem still exists … :frowning:

Which really only leaves the music PC as the possible source of the issue. I am wondering if it might be possible to connect the mR directly to the Ethernet port of the music PC via crossover cable for testing purposes … Thoughts?

Edit: After doing some research on the CA Forum, it does not sound like a direct Ethernet Connection between the music PC and mR is the way to go. SInce the Music PC also has a Wireless adapter, I am wondering if it might be worth a try to connect via WLAN instead of Ethernet …? (running out of ideas …) :confused:

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Have we tried disabling any firewalls on the pcs or the network hardware, different protocols will have differing port and protocol requirements.

Thanks for the suggestion. I turned off the windows firewall on the music PC but the problem remains. :frowning: