MSB Discrete DAC - Volume Control Impossible through Roon


  • (Brand New) MSB Discrete DAC: Version 2,5R / Raat SDK Version 1,1,36: On the MSB Discrete DAC Device the volume control is enabled (volume can be changed by the MSB remote and by the rotary knob next to the display)
  • Roon version 1.7 build 528: In the Device Setup for the MSB Discrete DAC for “Volume Control”: Device Volume is selected (and not Fixed Volume).

Nevertheless if you try to change the volume in Roon, this is impossible and the “Volume control is Fixed” appears (so there is no volume slider appearing / the volume can not be changed through Roon). On the website of MSB (by screenshots with a volume slider present) it is mentioned that it is possible to change the Volume of the MSB through Roon but in fact it seems impossible to do so. Is this a known issue? Is there a solution?
(Resetting the default settings of the MSB Discrete DAC does not solve the problem.)
(Restarting Roon does not solve the problem.)
(Disabling and again enabling the MSB DAC does not solve the problem).
(Rebooting the MSB Discrete DAC does not solve the problem.)

Some screenshots of the settings would help, such as below. I have moved this into support, when you have problems post there in future.

Hello @Jan_Vanstiphout,

Make sure that you have updated to the latest MSB Discrete DAC firmware using the update file located at this link:

It is the DAC’s responsibility to report it’s volume control type to Roon, this is the same for all Roon Ready devices. It would appear that your device is telling Roon that it does not have volume control support.

Our in-house MSB Discrete DAC is correctly reporting volume control support, so I’m not sure why your device is not.

I recommend reaching out to the MSB support team as they would be in the best position to troubleshoot your device.


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