MSB Premier RENDERER 17-44

I have the new MSB Premiere DAC with V2 renderer I installed J river just to see if there were anymore control options that I could not see through ROON.
I do not know if it is related or a coincidence but now all CD’s that were originally 24 44 are now displaying 17-44 or varying between 17-44 and 20 -44 on the Premier screen. The ROON Path says it’s 24-44 . If I play the same file through J river it plays 24-44 on the MSB Screen

Are you using any Roon features like DSP or volume control?

I had everything set to native but will check tonight to make sure nothing changed

answer: CD did not rip properly. Reripped and fixed

The MSB unit appears to be displaying logical bit depth instead of physical word length, thus not counting any zero padded LSBs.


How is this working for you now?

my MSB premier with renderer v2 is amazing and performs flawlessly with ROON