Mu-SO 2 and settings

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Sometimes, I am listening to music on a Naim Mu-SO 2 device. Why do I have such a correction “Intensity of Naim Processor” ??? It improves basses and trebles, but I don’t need it. My room is professionaly corrected on walls and celing. How is it possible to disconnect the setting ?


Not sure if this is the cause, but the Mu-so has a built-setting for loudness correction (increasing bass and treble) as well as settings for wall distance which have similar effects IIRC. Check in the Naim app if you have them enabled.

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Those things are happening in the muso after roon so seem to be internal settings.

Quite sure they are, just a bit surprised that it gets advertised via RAAT so that Roon knows. But that’s very cool.

@KDM, see Mu-so support page:


Wall proximity:

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