Multi Channel Amp w/Auto-On cutting out

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Build 1.8 (build 1105)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected Roon via rack mounted switch - No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

BluOs Node 2I connected via Ethernet as the Music ‘Source’, RCA Outputs to Room Nucleus

Number of Tracks in Library

+/-9,000 Tracks

Description of Issue

I have a multi Zone Home Amplifier serving ceiling speakers with no ‘in-wall’ volume controls. The Amplifier has an ‘Auto-On’ feature which will power on from standby when a (music) ‘signal’ is detected. I am running into an issue where the amplifier will shut off, presumably due to a low ‘signal’ detection. This has not happened prior to my use of Roon. If I switch the amplifier to ‘ON’, I have no issue. Was looking into setting a ‘Fixed Volume’ Setup on the Roon App, but this is likely not an option without the wall volume controls. I thought I could turn on the Fixed Volume from the BluOS Preferences, but discovered that the volume in the Roon App then had a range of #1-#5….which was too limited. (I may and try to revisit this by turning down the individual Amplifier Zone Controls down some) I prefer to use the Roon App to control my music, but need to know if something in my Roon Settings are causing a lower ‘signal’ output causing the Amplifier to shut off. It is important to note that when the Amplifier shuts off, the Roon playback continues on the App. Appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thanks.

maybe adjusting the min/max in the volume limits settings area for safety limits - click on the volume icon then the gear to access

On a similar issue I have active crossovers (pre amplifier connected) for my open baffles and the tweeter channels often don’t trigger the amps inputs to on the channel.

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Thank You! While that did not work, it led me to similar Audio Settings on the Node2I itself. I raised the lower end of the Volume Limit (dB) Bar, which not only corrected the issue, but provided a ‘wider’ Volume Range Overall. Appreciate the assistance!

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