Multi channel support 2nd (continuation)

continuation of (solved) No 5.1 DTS-CD .wav playable in roon? :(

now i have this :roll_eyes:

why can roon not only play music without fumbling on my tracks? :angry:

What macOS CoreAudio Built-in Output actually supports multichannel? None that I know of.


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yes it does. see the link i posted. i have some 5.1-.wav-audiofiles that are played in 5.1 on my AVR :hugs:

btw: i think that do only macs until 2012 when the audio jack was analog and toslink in one. later apple canceled the toslink jack :frowning:

If you’ve multichannel PCM (here as flac), then you need as output HDMI, USB or (W)LAN.
Your toslink output hasn’t enough bandwith for it.

Also in the other thread, you hadn’t “5.1-wav-files” but encoded dts in your wav-file.

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i dont belive this. the toslink has anough bandwidth to play 5.1-wavs. why should there be too less for 5.1-flacs???

fun fact: this 6-channel-dts-Flac is shown as 2-channel-flac but is played in 5.1 :thinking: :sweat_smile:

check it out yourself :slight_smile:

DTS CD WAV or FLAC or whatever is not multichannel, not until it is decoded. And TOSLINK does not support multichannel, full stop.

Andreas, you really need to improve your knowledge of discrete multichannel vs compressed/encapsulated multichannel. They are not the same thing. And until you understand the difference, you are going to keep running into these issues and asking these redundant questions.


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so when my toslink doesnt support mucltichannel why does it play MC in some files and some not? :thinking:

Your dts-wav will decoded in your receiver and will sended to it like two channel PCM. It’s loosely format.
Your 6-channel flac will unzipped (it’s not really emcoded) in Roon and will sended then as multichannel PCM to your receiver. This is a loosless format and needs a lot more bandwith.

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