Multi disc albums


I just started the 14 day trial, I’m long time user of JRiver, and all of my music is properly tagged. I’m having trouble with some albums no importing correctly. Instead of showing just one album with 6 discs it is showing like 6 different albums.

JRiver is watching the same folders and there everything is fine, I’m attaching few pictures.

Please for help.


This should help, but let us know if you have more questions.

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I read that article before, and I can’t believe that the problem was that my subfolders were named Album/CD1 - Name of first cd, and when changed to Album/CD1 everything was fine.

Sorry, but my opinion is that there shoud be the option to choose what should be priority when importing music, my collection is tagged the way I want, and software should import it in that way, I don’t care for duplicate tracks and stuff like that.

I have around 4.000 CDs, and in JRiver I had zero problems importing those CDs.

Now I found another problem, even I have setup Roon to give priority for artwork to the one in the matadata of file, the Roon for some albums is putting own pictures, whay is that?


Hey Damir! Roon is built around our automatic identification process, which retrieves metadata that’s richer and more expressive than what’s possible with file tags (more info on that here). Because Roon is going to be retrieving metadata automatically and using it to display your music, JRiver isn’t really a good comparison, since it’s displaying and editing your file tags.

Plex is a better comparison, and while we don’t require the kinds of stringent naming conventions they do, we do need to publish some guidelines in order to make sure identification works as well as it can.

I agree that it would be nice if we could do better here, and I’m going to discuss this with the team – if we think the change can be made safely without affecting our accuracy or triggering false positives, we’ll get it done. I appreciate the feedback.

Can you give me an example? In particular, it would be good to know where the artwork is stored, how it’s named or flagged, and a screenshot of what you’re seeing for cover art on the edit screen for the album in question. Flag @support in your response and we’ll take a look.


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@support, @mike

I know that Roon is different from others in shown more info on music and interacting with it, and this is nice but not the deal breaker for me. My opinion is that you have to give the option to the user if importing should be done according to the user metadata or your metadata, and you keen keep additional info for music from your sources. I hope that you understand what I would wish.

Regarding the artwork problem, following I will post two pictures from roon, and third one from JRiver for the same album.

Thanks in advance.

Could you post the album art section of the Edit Album screen? Like this:

Also, where is your art stored? Embedded in the tags? In the folder with the media? In a folder next to the media? Once I know more about where the art is stored, I can understand what’s happening here.


Here is the screenshot of how all of my albums are structured

And here is the shot from dBpoweramp tags for this album

And here your request, which BTW is very nice feature that I didn’t saw so far


So All my artwork is embedded and also stored as folder.jpg (350x350) in album folder, when I have multi disc albums I stor the like following


Interesting – where’s the art from the JRiver screenshot stored? Or is it cover.jpg?

If so, I’m guessing you have a larger image (the 882x768 one from the Roon screenshot) stored in that Artwork folder, and named something that makes Roon think it’s the front cover (like front.jpg or cover.jpg) – in that case Roon will pick the largest front cover art available.

Let me know if that sounds right. We do have some feature requests for more control over which cover art we use, so I would look these over and make sure you let us know what you’re looking for.


Yesterday I saw few more albums with same problem, probably there is more of them I have to check. Yes, you are right in Artwork folder I have a bigger resolution picture, but JRiver is much simpler because he is searching what it is in the tags, and if tags are OK as in my case you don’t have to worry.

I solved the issue in edit album artwork, I browsed for right folder.jpg and now is OK.


You see why I think that you should give the option to search only for tags, because if you have 4000 CDs and you spent a lot of time making these tags, you don’t want to make further adjustments just because of software.


What I like from JRiver is that is very simple, he doesn’t care how you structured or where you store your files, important is that tags are OK, you just point to the folders an voila!

Yup, absolutely. We’re watching the requests so we have a sense of how many people are looking for additional configuration and editing options here.

The first version of Roon had no editing – now we have hundreds of options, and we could think of thousands more to add, too :slight_smile: The question is which ones are important to people, which is why I mentioned the feature requests. I appreciate the feedback here @Damir_Grgic and I can definitely understand what you’re looking for.

For now, you can probably get Roon to prefer the folder.jpg image by renaming the larger images to something that Roon doesn’t think is the front cover, like liner.jpg or art.jpg. Right now, anything Roon thinks is a front cover (meaning it’s named front, cover, or folder) will be considered, and the largest image will be selected.


It is nice that you are listening to the users, and promptly replying, If you implement some more request in the future I could switch to roon. I have few more things that I will post in feature requests.

Regaring the artwork, as I embedd the pictures, I have decided to go with 350x350 resolution to keep the file size smaller.