Multi-Room timing issues

Roon Core Machine

Customer Built PC. Ryzen 5. Windows 10. 16 GB ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fiber Optic Internet through Google Wifi Mesh. (Briefly on Nokia mesh but that had other problems. Timing issue existed with both networks)

Connected Audio Devices

Three zones. Bluesound Node (newest), Pulse 2i, Pair of Pulse Ms.

Number of Tracks in Library

I only stream from Tidal and Qobuz on Roon.

Description of Issue

I’m having a strange timing issue. I know I can adjust zone timing, however it isn’t consistent. When I start playing music for the first time that day, all rooms play perfectly in time. After some time, a delay starts to happen. The Node plays first, with the other two rooms being delayed. The delay grows the longer it plays. It turns into a very large error of maybe 1 second.

The other night I noticed a more specific version of the error. I was playing Radiohead’s the Bends. It played the whole album without issue. When the album ended it filled in with another track from another album. The timing between rooms was immediately off, severely.

This only happens on Roon. When I use the native Bluos app it will play all day without issue.

Any advice would be appreciated. We play our music 90% of the time in multi-room so this makes Roon unusable.

Thank you

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