Multichannel album hangs when opening [resolved 1.3 build 200]

Have installed 1.3 on all my devices and Core and its working away re-scanning my music again. The new UI updates and DSP are great, thanks for all the hard work!

However I do have one small issue to report…

I have some multichannel (5.1ch 24 bit) FLAC files in my library and the update to 1.3 has found them and surfaced them for me. But if I click on a multichannel album to view details the Roon control app just spins on the ‘loading album’ icon forever, this happens on Windows, Android and iOS.

Has anyone else seen this?

Sounds strange. Is this the only album which is having problem ? Before going too deep - have you tried to restart Core/Remote devices ?

It is the only album with the problem, but then again it is the only multichannel album I have at present! It hasn’t happened with any of the other 2ch albums. This 5.1ch album was only added to the library by the 1.3 update. Prior to that it was ignored by Roon despite being in the imported NAS folder.

I just rebooted my Roon Core machine (which is headless and doesn’t run Roon Control) and it hasn’t made any difference on any of my control devices.

anything else I can try here, or am I stuck with an inaccessible album ?

@vova probably needs to look at your logs to figure out what’s going on…he should be up soon :slight_smile:

ok thanks! For info I have just updated my Core and controllers to the latest builds… but it hasn’t made any difference to this issue.

Hello @Tim_Rhodes, I sent you a private message.

Just in case any one else has the same issue, I wanted to report that this problem was fixed in Roon Server 1.3 build 200.

Thanks to the Roon support and development guys for their help and quick responses here :slight_smile:

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