Multichannel channel swap

I’m having a small problem playing multichannel files. My multichannel endpoint is a Trinnov Altitude 32. When I set the Roon settings for the Altitude to do 7.1 multichannel and play a 5.1 file, I get the result that I would expect: I have signal in LCR and R&L Rear and no signal in L&R Surround. So I don’t need to use the feature that allows you to swap the rear and surround channels. The problem is that in this mode, the Auro-3D upmixer in the Altitude won’t engage. If, on the other hand, I set Roon to send 5.1 to the Altitude, the channels are swapped and now I get signal on LCR and R&L Surround and the Rear channels are silent, and, in this mode, the Auro-3D upmixer in the Altitude will engage and all 7.1.4 channels are in use. But with the upmixer turned off, the channels are swapped and I have signal in the surrounds when I want it in the rear and the setting that allows you to swap the rear and surround channels disappears.

Is there any way that I can set Roon to output 5.1 instead of 7.1 (so that the Auro-3D upmixer will engage) and have the rear channel signal sent to the Rear speakers instead of the surrounds?

In the DSP for the device, under Procedural EQ, you can add an EQ called Mix which might let you do what you want.

What’s your multichannel endpoint? I assume, that you are using hdmi?
If so, I’ve the best experience to use a small PC with Rock on it, which don’t produce for me a wrong channel mapping.

Either I didn’t do it right or it doesn’t work in this instance. What I did is to use the Mix EQ and swapped each rear for surround and vice-versa, but that had the effect of making all four channels silent.

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