Multichannel Endpoints / Streamers

Hi there,

I am running Roon Multichannel currently with the UltraRendu, which as an Endpoint supports Multichannel along with the RME ADI-2 Pro.

I am looking for a different Streamer / Endpoint, which plays better than UltraRendu and supports Multichannel as well. Thanks for any advice and tip!

I do not have an answer for you as I am in the exaSound universe but I would like to know what you find lacking in the UltraRendu, particularly as regards multichannel. Thanks.

I lack nothing in terms of functionality.
But look for improvement in Sound Quality.

OK but same question in regards to sound quality: I would like to know what you find lacking in the UltraRendu, particularly as regards multichannel.

Or is it the perpetual need to get something else? IMHO, if you cannot define your issue, it is hard to find a solution.

I had a Mutec MC-3+ USB Re-Clocker for test. And this improved Sound significantly reclocking the UR signal. But I have Subs in my system, hence the Multichannel Setup. Mutec MC-3+ does not support Multichannel. Mutec gave excellent support, but we could not bring it to live with my Subs integrated in an MC setup. But as I learned that reclocking brought such a dramatic improvement on my UltraRendu, I am now looking after a better performing Streaming device with higher quality clock and performance than UltraRendu with MC support. Hope this gives full context.

I am confused by your question. You are asking about multichannel but the DAC you are using is 2 channel. It might be helpful if you describe your digital chain in more detail. Is this a 5.1 speaker setup? If so, how are you decoding for the other 4 channels?

Karl, the RME ADI-2 Pro is a Multichannel DAC.

Not according to the RME website. Perhaps you’re referring to the ADI-8 QS or DS Mk III?

Karl, thanks for your support!
It is a MC DAC…

Thanks but I am sorry that I cannot help you. My experience is with direct connection (which I recommend you try) or with the exaSound Sigma streamer and exaSound DAC. The Sigma Streamer does reliable multichannel with the exa DAC but is not guaranteed to work with other DACs. You might try to reach out to exaSound.

MC = Master of Ceremony? :smirk:

It really isn’t Jin, the RME ADI-Pro is a stereo DAC. The page you link to clearly says that, indeed the clue being the “2” in the title!

They make pro interfaces in multichannel for studios.


2 Channel Digital / Analog Converter SPDIF (AES/ADAT) Interface
32 Bit / 768 kHz Digital Audio USB 2.0 Class Compliant Extreme Power Headphone Output Super Low Noise IEM Output Digital Signal Processing Advanced Feature Set
Extended Remote Control

This is the user guide…

There is a possibility to use three of them to get 5.1 output however. Why would you do this when Exasound provide nothing a streamer and a true multichannel DAC?

If my understanding is correct in roon you can group multiple stereo devices together to get more than 2ch in a zone.

You can group multiple zones to play from the same music queue but each zone gets the same file. So a stereo zone will play the same L&R channels from a MCH track. There is no way I’m aware of in Roon to assign a second stereo streamer/DAC and pair of speakers to get the C or LS/RS speaker channels from Roon. I think Kal has stacked multiple stereo DACs to get MCH but I’m not sure that works with Roon.

Nope, that’s not correct.

The easiest way to get multichannel, is using an endpoint with HDMI output.
I’m using for this three endpoints:

  • QNAP with Roon core on an emotiva UMC-1
  • pi3 with PicorePlayer and roon bridge on an AudioLab 8000 AP
  • Zotac Mini with Volumio and roon bridge on an emotiva XMC-1

All this endpoints are playing multichannel pcm, dts, DD,…

Also you can use some rar usb multichannel dacs like DAC8 Pro from Okto Research and a simple pi4 with ropieee…

Roon Nucleus connected to my Denon AVR via HDMI plays multichannel. Likewise Windows 10 PC connect to the Denon via HDMI. I also understand Raspberry Pi as an endpoint can do MCH (never tried myself).

Looks like a good multichannel DAC

Just got one for review. Nice package and capabilities.

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