Multichannel from Tidal and Quboz?

Is there a way to sort on multichannel from Tidal and Quboz? I set the focus under “Albums” to 5.1 but it seems to have only returned my own local multichannel files.

There is no multichannel music in Tidal, probably the same for Qobuz

I have seen some albums marked as 5.1 in Tidal but they are not

There are a few on Qobuz mainly classical.

Yes but here’s the problem.
(1) Qobuz app (in the US) will let you search for and find multichannel albums. Some two dozen or so. However, the Qobuz app will not play them.
(2) Roon, of course, will play multichannel but for reasons unknown to me, cannot find them with a search.
(3) Solution: Find them with the Qobuz app and mark them as Favorites. Then load Roon with Qobuz and find the MCH albums among your Favorites. :slightly_smiling_face:


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