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Trying to get my Zidoo Player with Roon to play multichannel music. Roon works on the Zidoo but it is down converting the audio from 5.1 to 2 channel. Roon reports that "the channels are being remixed because the source and playback configurations are different”. I contacted Zidoo and they said to change the HDMI audio to use RAW and I did that. It still converts the audio from 5.1 to 2 channel. What do I need to do to get this to work?

This has been discussed a few times. Zidoo reports to Roon that it supports 2 channels. That’s the best Roon will do. Zidoo needs to fix this and work with Roon to re-certify maybe? But, if Zidoo tells Core its 2 channel then that’s all Core knows. Fixing this starts with Zidoo. Have you contacted them?

Yes, they told me that I need to change HDMI audio to RAW but that did not work…I just tried and experiment and I can play multichannel audio from the built in Zidoo music player, but not from Roon?

If you don’t see this Settings → Audio → Advanced then Roon isn’t being told that the endpoint supports more than 2 channels:

My Zidoo has the Multi channel mixing but not the other options…

I also just found out my OPPO 203 now works with Roon… I tried multi channel with the Oppo 203 and I get “Exactly” the same result??

The Roon Ready endpoint of Zidoo just does not currently support more than 2 channels (if memory serves me correct, same applies for Oppo UDP 203/205). Roon does support 7.1 via Roon Ready endpoints (one example is the Trinnov Altitude16 and Altitude32).

There was a dustup of sorts over the oppo 203. While it was capable of handling MC input, Oppo never worked out the interface with Roon that enabled multichannel processing.

Thanks, I suspected that Roon was not going to work. I’m a casual user and not interested in spending buckets of money on a Trinnov trying to get Roon to work. Think I’ll just play multi channel music directly from the Zidoo or Oppo. Thanks for the help and information…

Wondering how the Zidoo ever got Roon ready status?

I also have a Denon x4700 AVR reciever. Do you know if it works with Roon multichannel?

Via HDMI direct from the core should work fine.

It is not required to support multichannel to become Roon Ready.

And regarding Denon x4700 and multichannel. This will work by connecting the Denon x4700 directly to the HDMI of the Roon Core computer. Then you will of course not use RAAT, but pure HDMI.

Please note that 5.1 for music in a 7.1 setup means the surround rear channels will be used for surround; not surround (side) speakers. This is by design and not a bug (you have option to switch the usage of surround and surround rears in Roon setup for the device). Surround in a 5.1 system for music is not ment to come from the sides; but at +/- 120 azimuth (which is usually closer to where people put their surround rears).

Roon Core is on a Sonic Transporter in the network closet in my basement. I’m not 100 percent sure but I don’t think it has an HDMI port anyway?

I purchased this Zidoo because it was “Roon Ready”. I will “possibly” purchase another device in the future to play multichannel audio since this “Roon Ready” device doesn’t fully work. If I can’t trust that designation, how can I tell if another device fully works since “Roon Ready” doesn’t really mean fully works with Roon?

Is the another designation that means all the basic features work?

Not true it uses RAAT to transfer from Roon to HDMI output the same as it does for USB connections. RAAT isn’t exclusive for network connections.

It’s Roon Ready that’s it. There is no in between. It works given the parameters they submitted it. Perhaps Roon should list on their partners pages what feature are actually supported channel wise and format support.

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Same issue/expectation here with my Zidoo Z9X and my Denon X4700H.
It is no option for me to connect the Roon Core by HDMI to the Denon.
I vote for a more detailed “Roon Ready” program or at least a better documentation an the RoonLabs site: e.g. Roon Ready Stereo or Roon Ready 6 channels

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