Multichannel playback via HDMI

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I set up with a friend together a Nucleus by Roon/ Linn system. We couldn’t manage to get the multichannel Music (2L) via HDMI to work in a complete active Linn equipment. Any ideas to solve the issue is highly appreciated


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Hi @Armin_Kern,

Thanks for reaching out to us here!

  • Can you please let me know which model Linn DAC you are using?
  • Does regular content (non-multichannel) play as expected via the HDMI output?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when there is multichannel content playing via the HDMI output?

I am using a Klimax DSM with 4 Exakt Speakers. Normal Content plays fine over HDMI.

Multichanel only the front speakers.

Same input and cable work fine with SACD in an Oppo BPP 203!

Best regards


Hi @Armin_Kern,

It appears that you shared a screenshot of your media details page, not the Signal Path, can you please share a screenshot of the signal path when there is multichannel content playing to the Klimax? Signal path looks like this for reference:


Also, I would check the Device Setup tab to see what the channel layout settings are, you can access this by going into Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel icon next to HDMI zone -> Device Setup and it looks something like this:

Hi Noris, thanks for the support!
Everything worked after the right settings flawless.

Best Armin

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