Multichannel source , headphones, HQplayer for downmixing or atmos experience?

So I got a bunch of multichannel SACD rips and recently got into ripping atmos Blu-ray’s and 5.1 suround Blu-ray’s… I know the atmos rips are missing the spatial information of the atmos stream .

Currently I’m using roon to downsample everything to stereo for my headphones.

I’m wondering if HQPlayer5 is able to to a atmos emulation for headphones for a better 3D effect or offer me a better downmixing stereo result.

I don’t need DSD here and would be fine with PCM at 48khz.

But it should be a rather set-up once solution and should work with 2.0 up to 7.1 content and basically notice on its own if the source has content in all channels or not.

Try this:

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You should check out the Redscape app, which can emulate up to an eight channel array on any headphones. It doesn’t put everything in the right place for 5.1.2 Atmos but does a nice job for 5.1 content. You can use JRiver to play back the multichannel material and output to the Redscape app to decode the 5.1 file. JCR