Multichannel support? [In Roon1.3]

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OK. What other clients do you see for multichannel support other than mch DACs (NADAC, esaSound, miniDSP) and AVRs with HDMI inputs? Meridian?

That’s about it.

It isn’t totally clear how we would pump mch content into Meridian gear. Their network protocols don’t support it, and that’s really the only Meridian specific support that we have.

Anything other that what I listed? Something innovative that might channel the appropriate channels into a trio of stereo device?

FWIW, Mytek has an ASIO driver that does that with their DACs.

My AV receiver is a multi-channel DAC.

So is everyone’s. But how do the bits get in?

Coax/ optical/ hdmi?

Yeah that’s my point, anyone with a recent enough AV reciever has a multichannel DAC at their disposal, most do 24/192 PCM and a lot of the very new ones support DSD too.

Over HDMI of course :slight_smile:

Sure. I acknowledged that in my original question but one cannot get it out of the HDMI of all computers without help from the music player software.

Let me ask again about the status of multichannel support for devices in addition to the Merging Tech NADAC. Anything in the works?

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It’s on the roadmap.

We generally do not attempt to predict future release dates in public, so that is likely to remain the status until the feature is very near to completed.

(Also to be clear, NADAC was a demo, not finished product or anything close to it–current NADAC users do not have the ability to do multichannel playback using Roon)

OK. Let me ask a related question. What about the possibility of using HQPlayer as the output engine in multichannel as one can now with stereo? That would open up more user options.

I can’t think of a reason why we wouldn’t do that at the same time as the rest of the multichannel stuff.

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+1 for multi-channel support as well. Currently using JRiver over HDMI.

Yes. MCH support for HDMI from ROON would be great!

Exasound e28 is “Roon Ready”… Yet no MCH support?

Everyone knws this sells specifically as a MCH Dac…

So how can this really be marketed as “Roon Ready”?

It is Roon Ready because Roon is only stereo at the moment and the e28 can play stereo with it. :relaxed:


exaSound has said that they will support Multichannel DSD 256 and PCM playback with Roon on their e28 and e38 Multichannel DACs once Roon releases their Multichannel software to them for testing and implementation.

Knowing exaSound, I have no doubt that will be the case.

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I expect so, too.