Multiple accounts + Tidal = data inconsistencies

This isn’t urgent at all, but I wanted to let you guys know there’s an odd “bug” (I suppose) that I uncovered for people who have multiple Roon accounts (I have two, each used in a different home) with Tidal.

I was trying to clean up some of my Tidal albums because I, like many others, plan to migrate from Tidal to Qobuz now that it’s available in the USA.

Before doing that, I wanted to go through the various Tidal Collections I’d imported and delete them, after perhaps cherry-picking a few of the albums that I actually listen to. When I searched for the “Tidal:” tags (per the KB suggestion), I only found one collection, which was weird. Then I browsed albums using “focus” to isolate Tidal albums, and sorted them by date added (knowing that I added some collections early on in my Tidal days). I had a ton of Tidal albums imported in late May, 2015. But in my “focus” options to select by “Date Added,” the earliest date available was 2016. Huh?

After futzing a bit, I realized that the Tidal stuff was imported earlier in my other Roon account, months before I even created the second Roon account. So I assume that account has the other “Tidal:” tags (because I think they get created on import).

Not sure what should happen, but it seems like I should be able to filter by all the dates available in my library…even if they’re weirdly arbitrary because of Roon/Tidal/Multi-accounts.

Hi @David_Roberts,

I’ve passed your report along to our technical team so they can investigate further. I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve received their feedback here. We appreciate the report!