Multiple copies of same album after updating to ver 1.7 (534)

Core Machine (Mac OS X.15.4, Roon ver 1.7(534) )

Noticed a couple of days after I upgraded to 1.7 that I now have several different copies of the same album(locally stored FLAC files) in album view in Roon. Tidal albums seem ok

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Bluesound, Eero wifi, comcast internet

thanks -


A screenshot of the album page and a look at settings, storage would help.

re-uploaded it. Hope this time it worked!

And settings, storage?

I have 7100 Flac files on my Imac with 500 gigs free storage left on it. I don’t see duplicate/multiple copies of the same album in that folder there.
for Roon, It’s linked to my music folder / flac files; is that what you’re looking for?

I presume all of your music is in the audirvana folder? If so you have it shared twice as it’s parent the Music folder is also shared.

Hi @Bryce_Hill,

If you disable the second watched folder in the screenshot and just keep Music Folder does this resolve things for you?

disabled the 2nd folder. Looks to have been the issue - thank you Ged and Dylan! much appreciated.

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@ged_hickman1,@dylan -

Damn, v1.7 (534) actually changed the Settings==>Storage folders. :laughing:

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