Multiple DAC connections?

Does anyone have experience to relate with connecting more than one DAC simultaneously to a Lumin transport?

Specifically what I’m interested in is can I connect a DAC to each of the two USB outputs on a U1mini? The intent is not to use them simultaneously as I’m sure that would cause clocking issues and/or not even be software possible, but to have them both wired but only use one at a time - the non-active one would have the connected DAC powered down, presumably bringing that USB connection to a null state electrically?

Anyone tried this? @wklie any comments on this? Thanks!

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With a Lumin U1 (MINI), you may use up to four DAC via AES / BNC / coaxial / toslink connections if the USB output is not used.

If you use a USB output, only one USB DAC will operate correctly.

It is often not sufficient to simply power down a USB DAC if you have two connected. It’s best to physically disconnect the USB cable for one of them.

copy that. thx peter.

peter, my experience has been that one usb output is dominate and that if it’s connected to an active dac it is the active output, the other usb output being ‘turned off’ by the u1. does this sound right to you? any issues with leaving it all connected this way?

so, currently, i have usb 1: holo may; usb 2: mscaler/dave – when the may is powered on, it is active and receiving a signal. when it is powered down, the output connected to the the dave is activated and works fine. if i power the may while the dave is playing the u1 stops playing, connects the may and i can restart playing and that then works fine.

from here it seems that the u1 prioritizes one of the usb outputs and when it has an active connection that is the output channel, otherwise it activates the other usb output. this is a good setup for me, unless you can perceive any issues?


Yes, it is designed to work this way. If it works for you, it’s great.

However, I cannot guarantee it works for different DAC, for the simple reason that some DAC USB circuit may be activated even in standby mode, because they might take the +5V from the USB cable to drive its circuit.

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